V0oidathon 6 schedule

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ScheduledEstimateCategory|Runner|What's more cringe?
All Dungeons Glan Ward 2
Any% No CW KPloggz League of Legends
Lilac - No Restrictions RCHelicoptr Rambi
Any% paLtha League of Legends
Any% paLtha League of Legends
Any% - Standard jakefsomenumbers rambi fans
R*NDOMIZER dragonsni, UwUitsAWooloo, xHailFirex Final Fantasy XIV | League of Legends
Monday, May 22, 2023
Any% Anankoz, Doumeis Final Fantasy XIV | DKC2 GBA
Challenge - Intense SunsetS1n League of Legends
Any% NG+ MimicVega Final Fantasy XIV
R*NDOMIZER MULTIWORLD DemonSmallZ League of Legends
CROWD CONTROL V0oid, monistreams League of Legends
Bottom Text% V0oid, monistreams League of Legends
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Any% thegoodprofessor https://tenor.com/view/why-not-both-why-not-take-both-gif-11478682
Ninja (Genocide) Electra_RTA Final Fantasy XIV
R*NDOMIZER MULTIWORLD Forte26, kimal69, KPloggz Me | both equally | League of Legends
Alucard - Any% NSC moondoggieD All of the above
Kaiba Story GracefulShutdown Final Fantasy XIV
Wednesday, May 24, 2023
All Essences ryan_ford522 League of Legends
Any% StoRmsN Final Fantasy XIV
Random Kombat - First to 10 BluntBunny, Liqquify Fortnite
Any% NMS ThomasPatrickWX League of Legends
5 Levels No Reset LostC0re All of the above
All Stages - Legacy Joetherapper Final Fantasy XIV
Any% TheLawlzFTW Final Fantasy XIV
R*NDOMIZER broatmeal, legendonnelly League of Legends
Thursday, May 25, 2023
Beat Zero Isle - Lapras MozzarellaCheez Rambi's top speed in 2gba
Lunar Dragon Lui_, Umari0 Super Mario World
Any% Khanster786 Final Fantasy XIV
100% Clipper League of Legends
Any% ryan_ford522 League of Legends
70 Star - THE DAILY The Daily™ crew Toronto Maple Leafs
1 Warp SuperSonic_ League of Legends
CROSSOVER R*NDOMIZER Iceblue League of Legends is the correct answer, but also Rambi
Friday, May 26, 2023
No Major Skips laff____ League of Legends
Any% Glitchless laff____ League of Legends
Showcase CaptStack Final Fantasy XIV
Any% - Zipless (Normal) Sniperwave Missing submissions for V0oidathon DataFace
Any% vlackSR League of Legends
Any% - The Walkthrough V0oid, WrenCorpLLC League of Legends
Hard - Bagwipe succmyoil anything demon is currently or has ever played tbh
Saturday, May 27, 2023
Dark Side chillex_drsado, DillyP96 League of Legends | Final Fantasy XIV
100% - No Major Glitches lolFortify THIS PantsGrab
Any% - No Tutorial WinkyUnchainedFlexgod Gamers
Lose KPloggz League of Legends
Salmon Run BasementHero11924, Glan, MimicVega, ANY 4TH SQUID GAMER WHO WANTS IN Final Fantasy XIV
Gym Leader Castle Round 1 (A.K.A. Cerulean Gym Infinite) V0oid (A.K.A. Your Eminence Lord Streamer, First of Their Name) People who don't watch V0oidathon
Sunday, May 28, 2023
Ty watch DataFace Rollin' out.
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