Valuethon 5

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All Story Missions Sadlybadlyy PC
New Game Easy Mattmatt10111 PS2
Any% PS4 Mattmatt10111 PS4
Any% TheBoyks PC
Beat the Game (Kindergarten) ObsidianCarnageX12 PC
Any% n3rd_squared PC
Any% Race Mr_Mary and rythin_sr PC
Any% Mr_Mary PC
Any% Jaxler1 Gamecube
Setup Setup Setup
Any% Jaxler1 Xbox 360
DancePad Any% No Wrong Warp PeekingBoo NES
Reverse Event Order shedd_ PC
Seeded Any% Henpaku PC
Any% Konasumi PC
Story Mode (1 Character) RagingCherry PC
Break Break Break
Saturday, October 13, 2018
Any% TheBoyks N64
Sonic Any% Mathew10Wilson PC
Plague of Shadows: 100% MooMooAkai PC
106% killingpepsi PC
Any% Co-op No Level Skips Sajiki and Shafournee PC
Any% + DLC + Super-Planets killingpepsi PC
Beat The Game - Friendly Mr_Shasta Nintendo DS
Any% Mr_Shasta N64
16 Stars (Emulator) tpspeedrunning N64
All Levels WinnerBit GB
Any% WinnerBit GBC
Jammies Mode Any% Race Amethyst_SPR and TheBoyks PC
100% MKCocoon Wii U VC
Break Break Break
Sunday, October 14, 2018
Easy, NG+ eptunlol PC
Any% sockpuppetkingdom PC
All Bosses - Solo, Regular, Legacy teddyras PC
10 Dogs% teddyras PC
Any% isBullets PC
Any% deluxerus PC
Jill, Any%, Classic deluxerus NDS (Emu)
New Game Professional TrichaelMan Steam PC
All Masks Buffet_Time PC
Three Challenges Blind Race ddrreexx, Buffet_Time, & teddyras PC
Any% The_Handsome_Historian PC
Lore% The_Handsome_Historian PC
100% ddrreexx Genesis
All Stages 1 Player UnFantasmaMas NES
Any% (No Item Glitch) UnFantasmaMas PS2
Any% Normal OldDark psych0sis_tv PC

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