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NSLUDX Nabbit All Castles % disdonnplays Switch
Any% NG+ n3rd_squared PC 4th Wall Cutscene
Any% Mattmatt10111 PC
Any% Mr_Shasta DS
Any% Jaxler1 PS2
Any% theboyks PC
Setup Setup Setup
Any% SloaTheDemon PC Good Ending
All Levels (Tokenless) Emm0ji PC
Any% NG+ NMG SloaTheDemon PC File Name, Race the Ninja
Any% Action Only Race RhinoG, Henpaku PC
VS COM S-HARD razorflamekun SNES
Any% tbcr_ MS-DOS Bonus Episode 5
Any% tbcr_ MS-DOS
Any% Plastic_Rainbow PC
Any% DrTChops PC
Glitch Showcase DrTChops PC Bonus Glitch Showcase of Skyrim!
Dark Brotherhood NoobSalmon PC Character Name
Any% NoobSalmon PC
Beat the Game (No Duping) lastly PC
Saturday, October 12, 2019
Any% NG+ Multi-Crab teddyras PC Partner Crab Bid War: Mud crab, Tasmanian Giant, or Spider Crab
Any% Strife The Historian PC
Any% Strife The Historian PC Cut Content Showcase
Any% NG+ DLC Strife The Historian PC Romance Bid War: Tali or Garrus
Glitchless NG Dante Nephilim Mekarazium PC
No Levels Early Silo_Simon Gamecube
Setup Setup Setup
Any% UnFantasmaMas Switch Bid War: Remastered vs Classic Soundtrack
Story Mode kariohki PS1 Bonus FF8 Track
Any% US kariohki PS1 Fight the Reaper
No Major Glitches rythin_sr PC
Any% rythin_sr PC
All Gold Feathers OddBod PC
Any% Race OddBod, shedd_bird PC
Any% Not2DeyGaming PC
Any% (Beginner) tpspeedrunning PS4
All Treasures Hutchtee PS4
3 Challenges Race Ilyon, Buffet_Time, SadlyBadlyy PC
Any% Sadlybadlyy PS2
Los Santos% (Chaos Mod) w/ Twitch Chat Voting Lordmau5 PC
DancePad Any% PeekingBoo Switch Bonus Run of Super Mario Odyssey on a DDR Dance Pad!
Sunday, October 13, 2019
Any% Cadarev PC
Any% cookiecrisp97 PC
Any% SarthTheSnek PC
NG with DLC MattyPlaysSRL PC
All Pre-Hardmode Bosses Rockstomb PC
No Major Skips Benedictatorr PC Fling Showcase
Any% - Normal - Call KiwamiZX Switch Hard Mode
Any% NG+ KiwamiZX Switch
Any% NG+ mattmatt10111 PC
Any% All Dungeons MooMooAkai Nintendo Switch Bonus Run of Cadence of Hyrule!
Challenge - Intense razorflamekun Gameboy Color Pokemon Character Choice Bid War
Setup Setup Setup
Any% Cadarev PC
Normal Any% Zipless Mr_Shasta GBA
Any% PrototypeAlpha PC Upgrade to All Sharks Run
All Stages (Hiryu) Mayazumi2 PS1
Any% Risky mode Goofi PC
Any% Lordmau5 PC
Any% No LSG Jaxler1 Xbox 360
Clint Normal% Bakuman84 PC
Four Traveler Fiesta altabiscuit PC Bid War For 4 Characters
Setup Setup Setup
16 Random Tracks Rox_ Wii
100% Rox_ Wii U Virtual Console
All Sigils Azorae PC
Any% LeftSideWorldwide PC
Any% CountGooby SNES Save or Kill the Animals
Any% Glitchless theboyks Switch Bonus Run of Untitled Goose Game!

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