Voltathon: Sparked! Schedule

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ScheduledFINAL TimeTwitch UsernamePlatformCategoryRunner(s)
VoltageGG Video Game Team Voltage Team Voltage
M_tt, Fivves, Biglaw PC Any% Beginner M_tt, Fivves, Biglaw
M_tt Xbox 360 Any% M_tt
Six_String_ Xbox Any% Six_String_
M_tt Xbox 360 Any% M_tt
dickhiskhan Nintendo 64 100% dickhiskhan
lastroseofwinter PC Any% lastroseofwinter
Maxylobes PS2 Any% Kids Maxylobes
LP3Cinema SNES 100% LP3Cinema
Saturday, March 25, 2017
dickhiskhan Nintendo 64 Any% dickhiskhan
MikamiHero Nintendo 64 Reverse Dungeon Order MikamiHero
BenjeeRTA Nintendo 64 Beat Shadow Temple as Child BenjeeRTA
Biglaw PC Ronin Arc Biglaw
lite_z NES 100% All Keys, 1CC lite_z
Maxylobes PC Any% Normal Maxylobes
scrilo PS3 Any% Normal Scrilo
deathline77 Wii Any% deathline77
esper_ramuh SNES Any% esper_ramuh
tehdanza PC Any% tehdanza
TheBlazeJp PC Any% TheBlazeJp
TheBlazeJp PC Extremes% TheBlazeJp
Biglaw PC Any% Biglaw
Crono PC Any% Crono
n1nj4ofshr3d PS2 Any% n1nj4ofshr3d
ToggleSwitch PC Any% Easy ToggleSwitch
garyjgames Wii 100% garyjgames
Sueycide7 NES Classic Any% No WW Sueycide7
TheBreadghost Wii Any% Luigi TheBreadghost
Sunday, March 26, 2017
GrandStarYoshi GameCube 120 Shines GrandStarYoshi
n1nj4ofshr3d PS2 Any% (No License Prizes) n1nj4ofshr3d
Stumpdotio PS2 120% Stumpdotio
dangodofthunder PC Any% dangodofthunder
M_tt PC Jewel Store Heist M_tt
Heinki PC Any% Heinki
Scrilo PC Any% Scrilo
BlackfireSin PC All Quests BlackfireSin

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