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Start TimeEstimatePlatformRunner(s)CategoryDonation Incentives
PC Tankski, Montagne, jai_ N/A
N/A Tankski, Montagne, jai_ Introduction
PC Murtag Any% Warpless Killing Fuse, Glade Blindfolded, FEZ Room
PC Cursed1701 NG+ Any%
PC zed0 Glitched Any%
Wii Amoeba Story Mode All-Levels File name (up to 6 characters)
Nintendo Switch Murtag 48 Track 150cc (No Items) Items
Nintendo Switch The_Marve11 Jumpless
PS4 Zoggoth Spyro 1 - Any% Bid war for colour Green/Blue/Red/Pink/Yellow/Purple/Black/Default
PC zed0 Glitched Any%
PC Montagne, Kuzco Any% Coop 1.4 [No extended climb]
PS4 jakegt1 Any%

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