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Wii Sports Club (2 WRs) Golf: All Courses (GER) CedrikLPle
Wii Sports Resort (MWR) Island Flyover + High Score Exhibitions (GER) LennartSpdrn $5 - Land the Plane in the Wishing Fountain
Wii Sports Resort (MWR) Beat the Champion: Swordplay Duel (USA) Gamingland $10 - 2500 Run (+8m)
Wii Sports Resort Swordplay Showdown (USA) Gamingland
Wii Party (PB) Globe Trot (USA) Gamingland, (USA) Cmdr
Wii Sports (MWR) All Sports (USA) thebestaro
Wii Sports (MWR, PB) All Sports No Baseball + (USA) thebestaro
Wii Sports Resort (MWR, PB) Frisbee Golf (USA) gchierico91, (USA) Cmdr $5 - Special Courses (+5m)
Wii Sports Resort (MWR) Cycling (USA) Cmdr
Wii Sports Resort Golf (USA) Cmdr $10 - Blindfolded
Wii Sports Resort (MWR) All Categories (USA) Cmdr
Wii Sports Resort (WR, MWR) All Stamps Bingo (USA) Cmdr
Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Party, Wii Chess TAS Block (AUS) TheProJamer, (USA) Tendog, (USA) MorphicYoshi, (USA) DyllonStej, (USA) Wipeoutjack7 $10 - Bonus Minigame TASes (6 and 7)
Wii Sports Series 9 Hole (USA) Tendog
Wii Fit Plus All Training Plus Games (USA) Cmdr, (USA) Gamingland, (USA) CountGooby
Wii Sports Resort (MWR) All Sports (USA) Cmdr, (USA) Luvbaseball, (USA) Alaskaxp2, (USA) Gamingland
Wii Sports Resort (MWR) Beat the Champion: Table Tennis (USA) Luvbaseball
Wii Play All Bronze Medals (USA) Luvbaseball
Wii Fit Plus All Yoga Training (USA) CountGooby Bidwar - Male vs Female Trainer
Wii Music (PB x2) September All Genres (USA) CountGooby

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