Winter Pride 2020

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Any% SNES 2015 rezephos (He/Him)
100% Nintendo DS 2006 LaurieDBunnykins (She/Her)
Carol - Classic PC 2014 TreyLina (She/They)
Any% Nintendo DS 2010 Jaxler1 (He/Him)
Any% PS1 2002 Jaxler1 (He/Him)
Any% NES 1986 2snek (He/Him)
Episode 1 (Normal, Veteran) PC 2020 Starwin (He/Him)
Co-op Legacy X-row PC 2015 killingpepsi (He/They), XandoToaster (He/Him)
Any% PC 2017 swc19
Any% SNES 1993 KateLibC (She/Her)
Showcase Nintendo Switch 2020 Skybilz (She/Her)
76 Star N64 2019 LordFluffy (They/Them)
Green Stars WiiU 2010 AlaeusSR
Saturday, December 12, 2020
All Cutscenes Sega Saturn 1996 Lizstar (She/Her)
Azure Moon - New Game+ (w/DLC) Nintendo Switch 2019 GretalceVixen (She/They)
Any% GBC 2001 Starwin (He/Him)
No Night Skip PC 2020 Starwin (He/Him)
Master Mode Arcade PCB 1998 FreyasSpirit (They/Them plural)
Any% PC 2020 KowalLazy (He/Him)
Beat the Game (No Duping) PC 2014 lastly (They/Them)
100% PC 2020 seckswrecks (They/Them)
Any% PC 2003 rythin_sr (She/Her)
All Levels PC 2001 rythin_sr (She/Her)
Score Attack Arcade 1982 Lizstar (She/Her)
Any% GBA 2002 sharfers (He/Him)
All Standard Levels PC 2019 frozenflygone (She/Her)
Challenge Mode, beat Level 30 MS-DOS 1986 arborelia (She/Her)
All Goals PS3 2009 GarbiTheGlitcheress (She/Her)
100% GBA 2018 LinkaMeister (He/Him)
Any% No Memory Corruption GBA 2002 MetroidMaster (He/Him)
2 Seeds 1 Controller Race SNES 1994 / 1991 FreyasSpirit (They/Them plural) vs ZandraVandra (She/Her)
Any% PC 2016 LordFluffy (They/Them)
Any% MS-DOS 1990 davidtki (He/Him)
Any% NES 1989 vanni_van (He/Him)
All Female Travelers PC 2018 leggystarscream (She/Her)
Sunday, December 13, 2020
Any% (Gunvolt) PC 2014 ProInfernape (He/Him)
Any% GB 1993 Janglestorm (He/Him)
All Dungeons PC 2020 arborelia (She/Her)
Any% MS-DOS 1995 Janglestorm (He/Him)
Any% with Dialogue Nintendo DS 2009 hedgemaze (She/Her)
All Main Treasures (PCE) PC Engine 1984 GliitchWiitch (She/Her)
Any% (NG) Race PC/Nintendo Switch 2003 FocusSight (He/Him) vs TimeLink (He/Him)
All Boss Rematches Normal PC 2020 StebMcDreb (She/Her)
100% PC 2017 dwagio (She/He)
100% TurboGrafx-16 1991 vanni_van (He/Him)
Story New Game Easy Nintendo Switch 2017 Firesplitter (She/Her)
Any% NES 1990 KaiserKrister (He/Him)
100% Console PS4 2017 sharfers (He/Him)
Any% Co-op - Normal SNES 1993 AirAngel (She/Her), Deus_Ruina (He/Him)
Virus Buster (0-24, Normal) Wii 2008 FFRPro21
Current Patch PC 2016 mkkdotcom vs PurkisM (He/Him)
Art% The Human Element 2020 LaurieDBunnykins (She/Her) vs CorundumCore (They/Them) vs GarbiTheGlitcheress (She/Her) vs ArtemisMyths (They/Them)
Reverse Badge Order GB 1996 dijonketchup (She/Her)
Tower of Two Fists - Get Urshifu Nintendo Switch 2019 KonceptioN2 (He/Him)
Music Showcase PC 2020 Sparkover (She/They)
No OOB Race PC 2010 frozenflygone (She/Her) vs GarbiTheGlitcheress (She/Her)
Beat the Game Glitchless Sega Genesis 1991 t0uchan (She/Her)
6 Real Eggs PC 2020 halfcoordinated (They/He)
Ultimate Wii 2020 Helix13_ (They/Them)

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