Winter Pride 2021

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True Ending SNES 1995 Ryan_Ford
any% NES 1992 dijonketchup (She/Her)
The Super Chum Bucket Plug&Play 2003 killingpepsi (He/They)
Any% PC 2020 piper1618 (They/Them)
any% ScummVM MS-DOS 1995 mindezzy (They/Them)
Tails NG+ Glitchless PC 2019 huds601 (He/Him)
Beat the game Sega Genesis 1996 ori_sky (They/Them)
Sonic - Bad Ending Switch 2017 Kiwami (She/They)
gay% PC 2021 Kube (they/them), Demerine2 (She/Fae/They), Broken_Bungee (They/Them), moonblazewolf (He/They)
All Switches SNES 1990 garbitheglitcheress (She/Her)
All Missions (PC) PC 2009 Jaxler (He/Him)
Any% No Major Glitches PC 2017 FreyasSpirit (plural they/them)
All Dungeons PC 2018 arborelia (She/Her)
Saturday, December 04, 2021
Beat the Game Switch 2018 sharif (He/Him)
Fashion Backpack% Gameboy Color 2000 sharif (He/Him) , cajink87
Showcase PC 2018 peachyzora619 (He/Him)
GT Classic SNES 1994 FreyasSpirit (plural they/them)
any% glitchless PC 2021 KaguyaNicky (She/Her)
Episode 1: Normal/Veteran (Single run) PC 2020 danthevp (He/Him)
All Professional Cups Nintendo 64 2000 garbitheglitcheress (She/Her)
Any% Gamecube 2001 DoubleDubbel
Any% No Skipping Cutscenes CD-i 1993 FlannelKat (She/Her)
Beat the Game NES 1987 janglestorm (He/Him)
Any% NES 1990 npc_lives (He/Him)
Any% TurboGrafx 16 CD 1989 FlannelKat (She/Her)
any% PC 2013 frozenflygone (She/They)
Any% - Solo SNES 1994 AirAngel (She/Her)
Any% - Easy SNES 1993 AirAngel (She/Her)
Easy Co-op NES 1988 ZandraVandra (She/Her) , FlannelKat (She/Her)
Any% NES 1993 madmegax381 (He/Him)
Mega Man 1 Sega Genesis 1994 theblacktastic (He/Him)
Solo Any% PC 2020 sean_ab (He/Him)
Easy Wii 2009 whitehat94 (He/Him)
Maria Only Playstation 5 1993 theblacktastic (He/Him)
All Difficulties No Extras Warpless Gamecube 2001 Helix (They/Them)
All Courses (Warps) PC 2021 Helix (They/Them)
Hard (No-Bomb) PC 2002 fGeorjje
Extra PC 2002 fGeorjje
Story Mode PC 2015 ZELLLOOO (He/Him)
Symphony of the Mask (NMG) Switch 2019 Kailaria (She/Her)
Glitchless PC 2019 Ozmourn (He/Him) , cosine
100% (Fighter) w/ Raseir Blue Frog Skip MS-DOS 1990 davidtki (He/Him)
Sunday, December 05, 2021
Marathon Rules Any% PC 2015 spriteguard (Any/Alll)
Any% Manipless DS 2006 KonceptionSR (He/Him)
Any% Playstation 5 2020 KonceptionSR (He/Him)
Showcase Arcade 2019 ZELLLOOO (He/Him)
Any% Switch 1986 gaiages (She/Her)
Endless Normal Seeded Switch 2017 firesplitter (She/Her)
Any% Casual w/DLC PC 2010 decosmic (He/Him)
Any% Gamecube 2002 DoubleDubbel
Normal Game Apple II 1987 arborelia (She/Her)
Gamer% PC 2021 npc_lives (He/Him)
Fight Any% Gameboy 1995 demerine2 (She/Fae/They)
Any% Current Patch PC 2016 danisangb (He/Him)
Any% Glitchless PC 2013 LaserTrap_ (They/Them)
All Cells (No OOB/TA) PC 2015 RinSR
All BATs 1.0 PC 2021 SushiKishi (He/Him)
All Castles 3DS 2012 mchan338
Warpless Randomizer Race WiiVC 1988 RaikouRider (He/Him), LesleyPro_04
100% Gameboy Advance 2004 LinkaMeister (He/Him)
100% (Normal) Gameboy Advance 2004 Ryan_Ford
100% Gameboy Advance 2002 mr_shasta (He/Him)
All Urns, No BS PC 2021 saberamesia (She/Her)
Any% GBA 2004 mr_shasta (He/Him)
Any% Gameboy 1992 Kiwami (She/They)
Nessless% SNES 1994 SushiKishi (He/Him)

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