Winter Pride 2022

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ScheduleEstimateCategorySystemReleasedRunner(s)LayoutTwitch Game (if different)
Meta Knightmare 100% Gameboy Advance 2002 Darksol188 (she/her) gba-1p
Showcase PC 2020 Okapi (she/her) 16_9-1p
All Episodes PC 2000 Konception (he/him) 4_3-1p
Isle of Bigsnax Playstation 5 2020 Konception (he/him) 16_9-1p
Unlock All Characters Nintendo Switch 2021 firesplitter (she/her) 16_9-1p
Any% PC 2017 Froob (he/him) 16_9-1p
Any% Gamecube 2003 Jaxler (he/him) 4_3-1p
Any% Nintendo Switch 2022 nexlation (they/them) 16_9-1p
100% PC 2022 seckswrecks (they/them) 4_3-1p
Any% Race PC 2021 RoadkillRevenge (she/her), Ozmourn (he/him) 16_9-2p
A Trans Story PC 2019 FreyasSpirit (they/them plural) 16_9-1p
Saturday, December 10, 2022
Any% Normal Playstation 5 2018 asuka424 (she/her) 16_9-1p
Any% Active Menu Glitch Playstation 5 2016 kyoslilmonster (he/they) 16_9-1p
Any% Legacy Playstation 3 2013 tpspeed (they/them) 16_9-1p
Any% Gameboy Color 2001 laikainspace (she/her) gb-1p
Any% (US Version) NES 1992 janglestorm (he/him) 4_3-1p
Popuri marriage% Gameboy Advance 2003 cafeela (she/her) gba-1p
Penny Marriage Speedrun PC 2016 atwentysomethingloser (she/her) 16_9-1p
Any% All Floors PC 2016 danthevp (he/him) 16_9-1p
Wizard% PC 1930 FlannelKat (she/her) 3ds-1p
All Modes PC 1996 ArcaniaCQ (they/them) 4_3-1p
Beat the Game (Sonic vs Tails Bidwar) PC 2011 ArcaniaCQ (they/them) 16_9-1p
Any% PC 2017 argick (he/him) 16_9-1p
Glitchless Neutral Gamecube 2005 metalmedb (they/she) 4_3-1p
Any% PC Glitchless PC 2022 huds601 (he/him) 16_9-1p
78% SNES 2022 LinkaMeister (he/him) 4_3-1p
Randomizer Race Gameboy Advance 2002 JaggerG, autumnoutofhabit (she/it) fusion
Gay% SNES 1994 freyasspirit (they/them plural) 4_3-1p
Co-Op Randomizer SNES 1991 asuka424 (she/her), Dathus (he/him) 4_3-1p
Single Story (Ophilia) Nintendo Switch 2018 tpspeed (they/them) 16_9-1p
Randomizer MS-DOS 1989 davidtki (he/him) 4_3-1p
Any% PC 1998 Lemming (he/him) 4_3-1p
Sunday, December 11, 2022
All Monster Tokens Gamecube 2002 Nestani (he/him) 4_3-1p
Any% PC 2002 sharif (he/him) 4_3-1p
Any% PC 2020 Froob (he/him) 16_9-1p
Neva Any% Normal PC 2019 Kiwami (she/they) 16_9-1p
Any% One-Handed Playstation 5 2015 Asuka424 (she/her) 16_9-1p
Single Life Score Attack Nintendo 64 1997 argick (he/him) 4_3-1p
Extra 50 PC 2018 killingpepsi (he/they) 16_9-1p
Any% XboxOneS 2008 killingpepsi (he/they) 16_9-1p
Any% Solo Good Ending PC 2020 schalakitty (she/ze) 16_9-1p
Any% New Game+ PC 2019 danthevp (he/him) 16_9-1p
8 Trips (The Whole Dang Game) Race TurboGrafx-16 1984 PeaceEgg (he/him), rujasu (they/them), Flannelkat (She/Her) 4_3-3p
Any% Lychnis MS-DOS 1994 davidtki (he/him) 4_3-1p
Lost Levels, Watch Me Die, Max PC 2020 ZELLLOOO (he/him) 16_9-1p
No Major Glitches PC 2005 yoshipro (any/all) 4_3-1p
No One Left Behind (New Game+) PC 2010 DemonicRobots 16_9-1p
Glitchless Race Nintendo Switch 2019 mchan338, Misty (she/they), LiviLaDouceur (she/her) 16_9-3p
100% SNES 1995 vanni_van (he/him) 4_3-1p
100% Nintendo Switch 2022 mr_shasta (he/him) 16_9-1p
Monday, December 12, 2022
Another Great Event% 2022 Everyone

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