Winter Pride 2023

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Route H Switch LadyErianna (she/her)
NG+ Switch Adept__CS (he/they)
Any% (No Out of Bounds) GameCube Elite_Spud (they/she)
Console Glitchless (Bad Ending) PS5 Asuka424 (she/her)
Any% PC AstridTheHorrorGirl (she/her)
Any% NMG PS4 tpspeed (they/them)
Friday, December 15, 2023
Randomizer PC danejerus (he/him)
Sleep% Everyone
Any% Glitchless NES TheAxeMan
Any% NES Bloupeuh (she/they)
Any% (Easy) NES Bloupeuh (she/they)
1CC (Hopefully) Arcade Flannelkat (she/her)
100% GBA WinnerBit (they/she)
All Ponspectors (casual) Switch AlexisGoesMoo (she/her)
Any% Standard PC Nextracer1 (they/them)
100% (Classic) PC danejerus (he/him)
Any% PC davidtki (he/him)
Save Everyone PC LaurieDBunnykins (she/her)
All Goals PS3 garbiglitchress (she/her)
2 Player Co-op Any% GBA mr_shasta (he/him), Kobazco (they/she)
Any% Glitchless (Race) PC ferric_fox (he/him), moonblazewolf (he/they)
Saturday, December 16, 2023
Any% PC Ozmourn (he/him)
Any% PC Ozmourn (he/him)
5-Character Boss Hunt w/ Classes Genesis LadyErianna (she/her)
Sleep% Everyone
Adventure Mode PC brassbeat (he/him)
Sonic - Beat the Game PC huds601 (he/him), argick (he/him)
100% (No OoB) PC j0kerr (they/them)
Beat The Game Glitchless Genesis argick (he/him)
Tails Beat the game PC ArcaniaCQ (she/they)
Boss Rush Shuffler - 4 Boss Count Genesis huds601 (he/him)
Platinum Medals Wii SMMidi (he/they)
Co-Op NG+ PS3 Metraberryy (she/they/it), Mikal Ikal (he/him)
Any% - Belle (No Spark Bangle) PC Metroid Crime (she/any)
Item Mode Arcade eon (she/her)
Story Showcase PS Matoi (they/them)
Showcase iOS kariohki
Any% PC shovelclaws (it/its)
All Dungeons (SB) PC LordFluffy (they/them)
Any% GBC Asuka424 (she/her)
100% SNES mchan338
Sunday, December 17, 2023
Randomizer 3DS sin_pyro (he/they)
Sleep% Everyone
All Missions DS SMMidi (he/they)
Normal - New Game PC MsTruffles (she/her)
Normal Genesis MsTruffles (she/her)
100% New Release Switch Kefka14 (he/they)
Any% N64 Kefka14 (he/they)
Limitless - All Pride Flags PC SchalaKitty (she/ze)
Spelunky Triathlon Any% PC lonelywolfhazel (she/it)
Any% (Normal) PC LaurieDBunnykins (she/her)
Any% PC danthevp (he/him)
Any% Glitchless Blue Suit PS5 soulmass218 (they/them)
Any% No Bit Clips N64 LordFluffy (they/them)
Any% Seeded Linux Alys Rujasu (they/them)
Any% Switch leggystarscream (she/her)
100% OOB Race PC killingpepsi (he/they), Jaxler (he/him)
Any% Fixed Seed (Easy) Saturn mechalink (he/any)
Any% NES vanni_van (he/him)
Race% PC Flannelkat (she/her), GrayGooGirl (she/they), forneia (she/her), arborelia (she/her)
Monday, December 18, 2023
Event% Staff & Team

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