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115 Star Gian_97 Aglab2
Game Showcase Gian_97 Aglab2
0/1 Star Fokoro Aglab2
120 Star Calebbagwell Aglab2
31 Star Tayyip Arthurtilly
90 Star StanSM64Addict Arthurtilly
Friday, January 05, 2018
95 Star InfiniteVoid316 Arthurtilly
130 Star InfiniteVoid316 Arthurtilly
Any% Warpless Aglab2 Aglab2
90 Star Galaxtic, Mariocraft101 Aglab2
120 Star Galaxtic Aglab2
36 Star CaptainBowser Aglab2
50 Star Aglab2 Aglab2
20 Star Aglab2 Aglab2
115 Star InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316
100 Star Muimania, CaptainBowser InfiniteVoid316
121 Star Muimania, MarvJungs InfiniteVoid316
120 Star StanSM64Addict Arthurtilly
Saturday, January 06, 2018
Showcase Pieordie1 Arthurtilly
110 Star Mariocrash64 Arthurtilly
40 Star Mariocrash64 Aglab2
66 Star Katze789, Galaxtic Aglab2
40 Star Drunkrazy Aglab2
105 Star Mariocrash64 Aglab2
1 Star (Koopa) Luvbaseball Aglab2
Not actually a thing No one No one
80 Star Katze789, Mushie64 InfiniteVoid316
80 Star xSheep__ InfiniteVoid316
30 Star Luvbaseball, Mariocraft101, Sebaaa54 InfiniteVoid316
132 Star Galaxtic, MarvJungs InfiniteVoid316
130 Star Spaceman64 Arthurtilly
69 Star Spaceman64 Arthurtilly
Sunday, January 07, 2018
Any% ISC Cooperative InfiniteVoid316, Spaceman64, Arthurtilly, Fokoro InfiniteVoid316

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