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40 Star GMDDoesDMG InfiniteVoid316
55 Star Drunkrazy InfiniteVoid316
Starlock Race RetroReviver, InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316
85 Star InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316
80 Star Isometer Tomatobird8
45 Star ProG64 Tomatobird8
130 Star Tomatobird8 Tomatobird8
Starlock Race TSM64CM, RetroReviver Tomatobird8
92 Star LinCrash Tomatobird8
Starlock Race Scuttlebug_Raiser, InfiniteVoid316 Arthurtilly
Saturday, January 12, 2019
50 Star SomeBroYouDontKnow Arthurtilly
Iron Chef Arthurtilly, RetroReviver, SM64Pie, Sizzlingmario4 Arthurtilly
30 Star TheReverserofTime Arthurtilly
Comp? TBD Arthurtilly
132 Star MXF Arthurtilly
110 Star LinCrash Aglab2
100% Aglab2 Aglab2
Cooperative Drunkrazy, AndrewSM64, Katze789, InfiniteVoid316 Aglab2
40 Star Phanton Aglab2
70 Star TheGeeroid Aglab2
any% AndrewSM64 Aglab2
any% warpless race AndrewSM64, TSM64CM Aglab2
90 Star (1.0) StanSM64 Arthurtilly
Sunday, January 13, 2019
71 Star AndrewSM64 Arthurtilly
70 Star RetroReviver Arthurtilly
122 Star Bellring Arthurtilly
TBD TBD Arthurtilly
50 Star TSM64CM Arthurtilly
91 Star Drunkrazy Aglab2
41 Star Katze789 Aglab2
70 Star Aglab 2 Aglab2
25 Star Isometer Aglab2
Ultra Badge Rush Isometer Aglab2
50 Star Muimania Aglab2
133 Star Race Drunkrazy, Muimania, MarvJungs Aglab2
90 Star Warpless Race Drunkrazy, AndrewSM64 InfiniteVoid316
80 Star SheepSquared InfiniteVoid316
120 Star StanSM64 InfiniteVoid316
Cooperative RetroReviver, InfiniteVoid316 InfiniteVoid316
Monday, January 14, 2019
51 Star Cooperative Trueballer21, LocaMash InfiniteVoid316

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