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12 Star Luvbaseball58 N/A
120 Star JokerFactor N/A
80 Star Random Route Mushie64 N/A
Sunday After Shrek Retold 64 N/A
74 Star aglab2 N/A
30 Star aglab2, Isometer N/A
95 Star AndrewSM64 N/A
Hardcore Race DNVIC, GreenyNeko, KingToad64 N/A
70 Star Bubzia N/A
50 Star MooSome InfiniteVoid
70 Star JokerFactor N/A
0 Star InfiniteVoid N/A
Max% Badgeless DNVIC N/A
Friday, January 06, 2023
132 Star DJ Tala N/A
180 Star JokerFactor N/A
80 Star Isometer aglab2
70 Star Isometer TheReverserOfTime
110 Star aglab2 N/A
120 Star AndrewSM64, Muimania N/A
Double Bingo Race DNVIC, KingToad64 Muimania
30 Star Race Katze789, My Stupid A KingToad64
League Relay Race AndrewSM64, Lahmus, Muimania, Katze789, KingToad64, Tomatobird8, Amsixx, SuperViperT302, Teddy, SodiumChlorideIC N/A
61 Star MooSome InfiniteVoid
50 Star KingToad64 N/A
Saturday, January 07, 2023
70 Star Teddy N/A
120 Star Nonstop SuperViperT302 N/A
85 Star aglab2 N/A
38 Star VitaBlue N/A
80 Star aglab2 N/A
15 Star My Stupid A N/A
36 Star KingToad64 N/A
82 Star DNVIC N/A
75 Star Race Caasje, RedSlim777 N/A
Mystery Event KingToad64, ChristianVega64, TheReverserOfTime, Wintergreen DNVIC
125 Star KingToad64 N/A
Sunday, January 08, 2023
51 Star DJ Tala N/A
150 Star InfiniteVoid N/A
60 Star Ozsef N/A
111 Star My Stupid A N/A
120 Star KingToad64 N/A
15 Star AndrewSM64 N/A
168 Star Cooperative AndrewSM64, KingToad64, MattyBuhh, My Stupid A N/A
Kaizo Tournament Amsixx, Caasje, Dolphino, Gian_97, KingToad64, MattyBuhh, MorningStorm, Mr.Zebra, Muimania, My Stupid A, TheReverserOfTime, Wintergreen N/A
25 Star KingToad64 N/A
75 Star Teddy N/A
70 Star WesDogg Malkierian
6 Star WesDogg Malkierian
32 Star MattyBuhh N/A
Monday, January 09, 2023
Showcase AndrewSM64 N/A

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