WeGotJSRFHD Marathon Schedule

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Welcome to the marathon ???
Any% Quooooo and Quo
Any% (No LSD) Ignite & YP
All A's Pea
Any% Raosal
100% Rox
Saturday, November 14, 2020
All Main Episodes Lollipopomg
Artemis Path% LeftSideWorldwide
Any% Brobey
Any% Davijak3
Any% Glitchless PinkishPrincess
Story Easy Gooby
100% Linkameister
Easy Ibigblue
All Quests (Normal, No HDFS) RazorFlame
Full Game - Hard Razorflame
New Game+ Linkameister
Any% Raichu
Community Game Night ?????
Sunday, November 15, 2020
Episode 1: New York (DLC) Lollipopomg
All Beginning Contest Golds Mook
??? ???
??? ???
Any% Ignite
???? :D
Pokemon Snap AND Hello Kitty QUO
Weaponless Isum1644
Any% Warpless Thecrispy22
Any% GOTY Peter Afro
Any% NG+ PeterAfro
:) ????
??? ???
Showcase / Q&A Panel with Claude Comair and Ben Ellinger FingerQuick
Meta Knightmare Rox
Any% Race FQ and YP
Monday, November 16, 2020
Any% NG+ TwoWorlds
Extra Worlds NES
Season 2 - New Game Plus NES
Legendary Finale% PVT

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