Yeehaw-Boys-A-Thon #5

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Special duel kog% PDS_
Law Ending Electra13x7777
Toot ??? Zam
Adventure Mode Normal PvtCb
Alucard (All Bosses) PvtCb
Any% ProInfernape
Any% All Stages (EZ) Race ProInfernape, 8bitisgr8, Shadowzero, Melody Gore
Any% Bad Ending Demolition14
Stage 1 Milk
Any% Demolition14
Any% Garbagebaby
Any% Deln
Any% Vysuals
Any% Vysuals
Any% NMG Race 8bitisGr8, JeffG24x, Stealinbread
103% Stealinbread
Friday, July 05, 2019
Any% JeffG24x
100% Zero Shadowzero
""""""Sober""""" Hundo Zam, 8BitisGr8, ProFection, Shadowzero

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