Yes Glitches Allowed

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hello% NGA staff
Any% Anorakkis
New Game + NovaSpeedruns
Any% G0goTBC
Any% NG MSKain
scoagogo Any%
Main Series ChronosReturns
Trifecta Any% LiamOrovec
Any% rimuspp
Sunday, March 31, 2019
New Game + NovaSpeedruns and Snow (Co-op)
Genocide% B34RGURS
All Stages B34RGURS
Any% - Glitched ThatOneGuy_nnn
any% rythin_sr
Any% rythin_sr
Any% No S+Q orucsoraihc
100% Nimputs
World Peace KingjO444
Nightmare/Veteran laxxus
PC Any% camp4r
Any% camp4r
any% TheBarinade
any% korzic
Any% MakkerDon
16 star KingjO444 and Kyret (Race)
Any% TheWeakestLink64
100% tridenttail
Any% Benedictatorr
Monday, April 01, 2019
Any% Benedictatorr
Any% no ACE SloaTheDemon
Any% TwoWorlds
Any% TheLegendofZaheer
All Masks TheLegendofZaheer
100% ChrisIsAwesome
Any% Glitched LinkaMeister
RAMBO andreww and Ponk (Race)
All Dungeons SloaTheDemon
Any% KingjO444
Replay Story Hamhub7
Career any% NG+ fGeorjje
NG+ No img Mantodea
Any% Vynneve
Tuesday, April 02, 2019
Reverse Boss Order Remelrelyk and ArtimasOfTheHunt
Any% No DLC Lexicona
Any% TimmyName
Glitched Any% Makeal
Goodbye% DontAtMeSloa

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