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SloaTheDemon, fGeorjje, Pikkufighter Introductions
MetalGlennSolid (he/him) Any% PC, Win 2000
123robot (he/him) Any% PC, Win 2005
Doctorfeesh (he/him) Any% Xbox 2003
DoubleDubbel Any% PC, Win 2015
Thebpg13 Rally School % PC 1998
Thebpg13 Arcade Any% - Flatout Xbox 360 2007
colin (he/him) Warpless PSX, via PS2 1998
colin (he/him), lolaway (he/him), yp__, ac_143 (he/him) Any% N64 1998
Nimputs (he/him) Any% PC, Win 2003
Nimputs (he/him) 100% GCN 1997
Glitchedd (he/him) Any% Playstation 2 2001
DJBunyan Beat The Game N64 2000
kariohki Any% No Polizu Skip Sega Saturn 1998
Volvulus All Main Quests PC, Win 2002
Esper_Ramuh 100% N64 1998
Thursday, April 02, 2020
Esper_Ramuh Mumbo's Mountain 100% Trotless N64 1998
GinTatsu2 (he/him) 100% NES 1990
tenfive6 all worlds PS4 2002
SteveTVOnline Any% Xbox One 2017
Ria Skies (she/her) any% Claude PSX, via PS2 1998
genesisprobestream 100% Glitched PC, Win 2016
R30hedron Any% Warpless PC, Win 2018
R30hedron Glitched% PC, Win 2018
SteveTVOnline, Kingj0444 All Main Levels-Unrestricted Switch 2019
THEhobo55 (he/him) NG Human Xbox One 2019
AlecK47 (he/him) Any% Sonic Genesis 1992
SloaTheDemon any% PS2, via EMU 2000
Friday, April 03, 2020
khananaphone Any% No Up+A NES 1986
khananaphone Any% (J) NES 1990
yoshipro (he/him) Any% PC, Win 2005
fGeorjje (he/him) Career Any% (NG+) PC, Win 2006
Riekelt Any% PS2 2002
Smathlax Any% PC, Win 2008
Ria Skies (she/her) All Spirits US (Glitches) N64 1998
LinkaMeister (he/him) Any% NES/WiiVC 2017
HabKeineName Any% PC, Win 2013
tutelarfiber7 Any% PC 2015
Raichu (he/him) Normal Any% PS2 2006
Snolid (he/him) any% DS, via EMU 2007
Snolid ice (he/him) Any% PC, Win 2014
IgnasSRL any% OoB PC, Windows 2003
Ria Skies (she/her) Zeto NG+ PS2 1998
SloaTheDemon Any% NG+ PC 2018
Duraludon (he/him) Any% Wii U 2013
fGeorjje (he/him) 16 Star (EMU) N64, via EMU 1996
Saturday, April 04, 2020
FailyFailracer Any% PSP, via EMU 2006
DOHCGaming The Run (Extreme Difficulty) PC, Windows 2011
Sunnymuffin (he/him) Any% PC (Single Player) PC, Win 2019
Donatellodadonkey Any% PS4 2014
SRGTsilent Any% NG+ PS3 2006
SRGTsilent 100% PS2 1999
Liam12221 (he/him) Arts Dream - Any% PS4 2020
Nitroz (he/him) Linked Any% GBC, via EMU 2001
astronumous (he/him), Nitroz (he/him) Any% No Wrong Warp/Out of Bounds GBC 1998
Joaish (he/him), mralberto23 Any% Wii U 2013
Benedictatorr (he/him) Any % hard PC, Win 2007
Benedictatorr (he/him) Episode 2: Any % PC, Win 2013
Camp4r PC Any% English PC, Win 2016
Sunday, April 05, 2020
Silo_Simon Any% Wii 2010
Silo_Simon (he/him) Any% Wii 2008
SableDragonRook 80 Dragons PS4 Pro 2018
Yeswally1 14 Talisman PSX, via EMU 1999
Becci_chan Any% PS1, via PSTV 2000
Yeswally1 Any% No Early Ripto GCN 2002
PiePusher11 any% Wii U 2013
Raichu (he/him) Any% PC, Win 2013
GhostSenpai All Levels PS1 on PS2 1999
ChaosDrifter (he/him) any% PC, Win 2004
ChaosDrifter (he/him) any% PC, Win 2007
Tasselfoot All Hidden Tasks PC, Windows 2019
SloaTheDemon, fGeorjje Sloa & George still don't have a podcast

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