BSG 14

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ScheduledEstimateRunner(s)Twitch username(s)PlatformCategory
Crrool & J4sp3rr & Rule223 Crrool & J4sp3rr & Rule223
J4sp3rr J4sp3rr PC Any%
Mr_Brood Mr_Brood PC Any% Current Patch
Kinnin11 Kinnin11 PS3 NG+ Any%
Rasschla RasschlaLive PC All Wizard Cards
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 NES Any%
ShadowFrost43 ShadowFrost43 PC Hero Story
jellyd0ts jellyd0ts NES Any% (+incentive)
Superal mecSuperal PC Any%
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 NES Any%
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 FC Any%
jellyd0ts jellyd0ts PC Any% (+incentive)
ClessHayabusa SFC Any%
Thextera Thextera_ GBA Any%
Sunday, May 21, 2017
Rasschla RasschlaLive PC 100%
Riekelt Riekeltje PC All Trohpies
Crrool Crrool SNES 98%
Ricyosma Ricy0sma PC Any%
J4sp3rr J4sp3rr PC Bindfling
IndDragPack IndDragPack PSP Prologue%+incentive
Dutchj Dutchj SNES No Cape No Starworld
Boxmeister Boxmeister GBA Any%
Riekelt Riekeltje GC All Debts
Crrool & J4sp3rr & Rule223 Crrool & J4sp3rr & Rule223

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