BSG Annual #1

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ScheduledEstimateRunner(s)Twitch Username(s)PlatformCategory
ShadowFrost43 ShadowFrost43 Wii Any%
YumeTsubasaCH YumeTsubasaCH N64 1P Stadium S-Hard
Wizboy73 Wizboy73 PS2 All Tracks (glitchless)
WMJ WMJSpeedruns N64 Challenge Mode
E_Dragon E_DragonGX PC All platinum medals
Crrool Crrool PC 100%
SevenS1ns SevenS1ns PS1 Any% No Slots + Incentive
Monday, August 21, 2017
TheRolePlayingGuy TheRolePlayingGuy PS4 Any%
J4sp3rr J4sp3rr PC Bindfling
Nepumuk NepumukGaming PC Any%
J4sp3rr J4sp3rr PC Any%
Kinnin11 Kinnin11 PS3 NG+ All Brushes
Nepumuk, BadRNG NepumukGaming, BadRNG8 PC Any%
Riekelt Riekeltje WiiU All Dungeons
RDVvsTheWorld RDVvsTheWorld DS Any%
Dutchj Dutchj GC 120 Shines
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Crrool Crrool SNES 98% (Retry mode)
Sniperwave Sniperwave DS Beat the Game
Rasschla RasschlaLive PC All Wizard Cards
IndDragPack IndDragPack SNES All Bosses
StarrlightSims StarrlightSims GBA Any%
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 NES Hard%
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 NES Any%
StarrlightSims StarrlightSims GC Any%
Rasschla RasschlaLive PC Better Any%
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 NES Any%
Mr_Brood Mr_Brood PC All Bosses
Boxmeister, Mandatoby Boxmeister, Mandatoby GBA Any%
ShadowFrost43 ShadowFrost43 GC Any% (No OoB) + Incentive
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Mr_Brood Mr_Brood PC All Bosses no DLC
TheRolePlayingGuy TheRolePlayingGuy PS4 NG+ Any%
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 Sega Mega Drive Any%
Wizboy73 Wizboy73 PC NG+ All Levels
ThatStanDoe ThatStanDoe PS2 Any%
Nepumuk NepumukGaming PC Any%+Saves + Incentive
IndDragPack IndDragPack PSP Prologue% + 2 incentives
Jellyd0ts Jellyd0ts NES Any% + Incentive
badkiara badkiara GBC Any%
TehHammerShow, Flutz123. TehHammerShow, Flutz123 GB Any% Glitchless
Xitac Xitaczz GBC Any%
Dolany D0lany GBA Any%
LegendEater LegendEater GB Any% NSC
Thursday, August 24, 2017
ShadowFrost43 ShadowFrost43 Wii Any% Luigi
Wizboy73, ThatStanDoe Wizboy73, ThatStanDoe PC Any% Glitchless
J4sp3rr J4sp3rr PC Glitchless
Kyonlion Kyonlion PC Any%
RDVvsTheWorld RDVvsTheWorld Wii VC Any%
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 NES Any%
Riekelt Riekeltje PSTV 100 Egg + Incentive
StarrlightSims StarrlightSims DS Any%
Flutz123. Flutz123 GB Beat World 6
Jellyd0ts Jellyd0ts PC Any% + Incentive
KyonLion KyonLion PC Any%
Crrool Crrool GB Beat the Game
Riekelt Riekeltje PC All Trophies
Crrool Crrool GB Heading Out 99 RMS
JessicaSite JessicaSite GBA Any%
Mr_Brood Mr_Brood GBA Story Mode
MrMeanMoustache MrMeanMoustache N64 120 Star + Incentive
Kinnin11, Sniperwave Kinnin11, Sniperwave GBA Any% Co-op
Crrool, Xitac Crrool, Xitaczz SNES Randomizer
Friday, August 25, 2017
Kinnin11 Kinnin11 DS 100%
Crrool Crrool SNES Any% Retry Mode (US)
Boxmeister Boxmeister PSP Any% (PSP)
Riekelt Riekeltje PS2 Any% + Incentive
Mandatoby Mandatoby GBA 9% Normal
TheMotherBrain86 TheMotherBrain86 NES Any%
Riekelt Riekeltje Wii VC Any%
StarrlightSims, RDVvsTheWorld StarrlightSims, RDVvsTheWorld GBA Any%
ShadowFrost43 ShadowFrost43 PC Hero Story or Dark Story
Vallkyr & moreno1304 Vallkyr & moreno1304 GC Co-op all tracks
Vallkyr Vallkyr GBA Time Attack Novice Tracks
Vallkyr Vallkyr Wii Time Attack T-Drift
Thextera Thextera_ PS1 Any% (PS1)
JessicaSite, ShadowWolfSR JessicaSite, ShadowWolfSR PC Any% (NLS)
Saturday, August 26, 2017
Thextera Thextera_ PS1 Any%
Dutchj Dutchj SNES 96 Exit
Riekelt Riekeltje Wii All Debts
HiipFire HiipFire PC Normal Any%
ShadowWolfSR ShadowWolfSR GC Any%
ShadowWolfSR ShadowWolfSR GC Any%
Thextera Thextera_ GBA Any%
Thextera Thextera_ PC Any%
Riekelt, RDVvsTheWorld Riekeltje, RDVvsTheWorld Switch Any% Co-op
ShadowWolfSR, Xandertje10 ShadowWolfSR, Xandertje10 PC Neutral

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