Maratón Online SpeedRuns Colombia 2020

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Saludos y horarios Organizadores SpeedRuns Colombia
Any% WhitePaaws Javi
One Character Any% Diaus Rhino
Showcase Invitado DiegolazoR4
Any% Diaus JuanSe_LOL
Any% WhitePaaws YounasTV
Any% Zero557 Cansta
Any% Rhino FuzzDistor
100% Tinto2794 Julian343Link , FuzzDistor
100% Zero Zero557 Tchy , Tinto2794
UFO% CaballoViejo Ruuubs
NG+ Pro Any% MrKraillexHD Shinjo
100% Cansta JuanSe_LOL
Any% (PC) Se3cret BlackLaMamba , Flash_Newton
Any% Guy Rimuspp , DiegolazoR4 Julian343Link , ShadowCat20
Any% JuanSe_LOL Calafatzy
Any% Rimuspp JustCallMeGio
Monday, May 04, 2020
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