Maratón Online de SpeedRuns Colombia 2021

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Rápidito Discord Organizadores
All Stages NES Neithend DiegoArmando18792
Any% PC MooshPaw
Any% Glitchless PC Whitepaaws
Any% Warps Web MooshPaw, Rimuspp
Any% 3DS Xander_Robotnik Vichino_DDA
Any% Legacy NG PC Samiman
Showcase - All Cirelian Trials PC Rimuspp
Any% PC MooshPaw WhitePaaws
100% SNES Tinto2794 Noah Di Campbell
Any% Race PC MooshPaw, WhitePaaws, Anisho vs Samiman, Cappuccino, Serujio DiegolazoR4, Rimuspp
Any% SNES Zero_557
Any% Arcade DiegolazoR4
Sunday, August 15, 2021
Any% Switch DiegolazoR4 Crossbow_knigt, Juancaos
Any% PC Zero_557
Any% GBA Rimuspp
All Skills (No OoB/TA) PC WhitePaaws Enri_ve
100% GBA Tinto2794 Kaede Rukawa
Any% Guy SNES Rimuspp DiegolazoR4
Beat the game GB DiegolazoR4
Zero 100% PlayStation Zero_557 Noah Di Campbell
TimeSkip PC Cappuccino_Macchine Samiman

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