Fangame Summer Feast 2017

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Air Any% 老廖(Oaildlo)
Kill The Needle Games 2 Any% 上网
See The Moon Race Any% 上网 , 老廖(Oaildlo) , Q123
Butterfly Any% 大皮(Bootstrap1988)
Magnanimity Any% 朝宮椎名
Go BANANAS! Any% 朝宮椎名
Forehead 2 Any% 丶仲间
Call Me It Any% 小恶魔a17(A17_devil)
Guy Hard%, 连射有 八十三8103(8⑩3)
Crimson Needle 2 Dotkid Showcase 平民(Ping_Min)
Kill The Kamilia 3 To Boss Rush% 法茲(FAZZ)
Rest Time Sleep% Everybody
Not Another Needle Game To True Ending% 灭罪极意伤(胖尼玛)
Saturday, July 29, 2017
Conquer Many Traps!! Any% 落叶知秋声(fallenleaves03)
Cultured 2 Any% 朝宮椎名
Thank To Daburyu Any% 善意卖萌的BK(TheBigKid5)
Flash Imp% 善意卖萌的BK(TheBigKid5)
Kill The Kamilia 3 - Blue Area Showcase Showcase 善意卖萌的BK(TheBigKid5)
おぴんこす///(Opinkosu) Race Showcase 善意卖萌的BK(TheBigKid5), 丶仲间
Justice Guy Angel Mode + Ex Mlsao_sf(FASF)
Setup Setup Setup
Summer Feast Blind Race Any% Q少(Sunlaoqq), 果老板(Nikaple), Q123, 小恶魔a17(A17_devil), 法兹(FAZZ)
Not Another Magic Tower Game To Bad Ending% 镜间の低语(Mirror_Whisper)
QoQoQo 2 Any% 法茲(FAZZ)
Rest Time Sleep% Everybody
Various Any% 律动喵喵(Dakarlocat)
Don't Wanna Be Trapped Any% 律动喵喵(Dakarlocat)
Hikari Any% 律动喵喵(Dakarlocat)
Detective Any% 律动喵喵(Dakarlocat)
Smile Away Any% 律动喵喵(Dakarlocat)
Conquer The Blow Game Any% 小幸
Challenge Kamirin Any% 小幸
Bread Any% 残冰7
Sunday, July 30, 2017
Series Z3 To Boss Rush% Bummerman
Go Across The Crimson Rainbow Race Any% 破解(Lucien23s) , 教主(句号只会轻功)
Needle Teaching Showcase 破解(Lucien23s)
Stop The Time Any% 残宇(hoace)
See The Sunrise Any% 不会起名的狂虎(Crazy_Tiger)
Aura Any% 冰瞳魔羽
Cultured 1 Race Any% 镜间の低语(Mirror_Whisper) , 法茲(FAZZ)
Summer Feast Relay Race (Animus , Uhuhu Spike 3, Now or Never , QoQoQo , Impress , Play The Needle Game) Teamwork% Multiple Runners (Team A: 上网 , 小恶魔a17 , 残冰7 , 残宇 Team B: Q123 , 幻(Hallu) , 镜间の低语 Team C: 法茲 , 小羊(Sheepguy) , 无语(no word)
Scare Any% 宇宙翻车王蛋蛋大(蛋疼阿有木有)
Justice Any% 法茲(FAZZ)

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