Fangame Summer Feast 2019

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TimeEstimateRun CategoryRun TypeRunner(s)
100% Solo Run 塞德莎
To True Ending% Solo Run No.9
Crazy Mode Showcase Co-op Run 賞天の落葉, 兮酱喵
Up to Final Boss% Solo Run 大皮(Bootstrap1988)
Sunday, July 28, 2019
All Dreams% Solo Run 烈焰(Flames)
Any% Solo Run 萌狗下山
Any% Solo Run 哈亚
Any% Solo Run Mosna
Luck% Special Event 暖兔, Q123, 法茲(FAZZ),小恶魔a17(A17_devil), Andres_Tearit, 王者青年(SAIRA), 凡人, 古汉(Guhan)
Any% Solo Run 王者青年(SAIRA)
Any% Solo Run 法茲(FAZZ)
Monday, July 29, 2019
Tuesday, July 30, 2019
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Thursday, August 01, 2019
Friday, August 02, 2019
Any% Solo Run Gaborro
Any% Solo Run Gaborro
Any% Solo Run Krakka
Any% Solo Run Wolsk
Any% Solo Run Mega Kid
Any% Solo Run Bummerman222
Any% Solo Run 快乐的悲伤云
Any% Standard Race 蓝天白云XYZ(Skycloud), 望村小居士
Any% Solo Run 歌迷(Gemi)
Any% Blind Race 歌迷(Gemi), 禽兽(Beastzzz)
Any% Solo Run 柯罗伊
Any% Solo Run 法茲(FAZZ)
Any% Standard Race 【Bilibili】丶仲间, 镜间の低语(Mirror_Whisper), 禽兽(Beastzzz), 王者青年(SAIRA) 【Twitch】Andres_Tearit, Gafro, Normal, 法茲(FAZZ)
Saturday, August 03, 2019
Race% Race w/ Viewers 小恶魔a17(A17_devil) + Anyone who wants to join
World Mode - All Normal Levels NG+ Solo Run jxy768
Creative% Special Event 破解(Lucien23s), Q123, 烈焰(Flames), 伊莉卡拉(Irkara)
Showcase Solo Run 凡人
Any% Solo Run 凡人
Any% Solo Run 法茲(FAZZ)
Quiz% Showcase 学长吱(Ghost) (p.s. NOT Another Fangame Millionaire, cuz we do not have enough time to finish it, so it's just an interactive game with everyone)
Any% Standard Race Naloa, IGINLAJ
Any% Special Event Lots of People (p.s. NOT true Relay Race like FM18/19, it's just like FM17 which has a setup time during games)
Sunday, August 04, 2019
Any% Standard Race 木象木木又寸苗, 代码
Any% Solo Run 魔方12139
Any% Solo Run 木象木木又寸苗
Any% Solo Run 破解(Lucien23s)
Any% Solo Run 齊藤杏树
Any% Solo Run 王者青年(SAIRA)
Any% Special Event Bummerman, 机遇(Chance), Q123, 小恶魔a17(A17_devil), 凡人, 云想(CloudsMind), 柯罗伊, 枣核
Any% Standard Race 法茲(FAZZ), 禽兽(Beastzzz), Q123, 云想(CloudsMind)
Any% + Extra Showcase Standard Race 【Bilibili】法茲(FAZZ), 王者青年(SAIRA), 歌迷(Gemi), 小恶魔a17(A17_devil) 【Twitch】Bummerman, Thenadertwo, Maxinator, Naloa
Monday, August 05, 2019

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