Fall GOC 2020 Speedruns

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All dates and times are given in America/Halifax timezone (UTC-03:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Arcade SoR2 (Easy, Max) DanTheVP
11 Exit Glitchless Cyklopz
Any% Cyklopz
Warpless (Mario) SuperSonic71087, JeremyMKW, GTAce99, Mars02
Any% Warpless stewie_cartman, TEEX88, TheHaxor
Easy shimegabriel
Free Enterprise Randomizer eldritch_mecha
Saturday, October 03, 2020
Any% Slurpeeninja
Tressa Single Story (4 Character) cutethulhoo Pet the Dog
Maria Only (PSP/PS4) eldritch_mecha
Any% Laxxus
Any% Nightmare/Veteran Laxxus
Episode 1 Ultimate/Veteran Einea5mk
100% TAS strizer86
Event Details
All Story Missions Sadlybadlyy
Any% SighAhNide
Rally Mode CosmykTheDolfyn
Any% Easy Malcreos
Any% Teleo1, HaBeeBs_, rot
Professional! Mode Teleo1
Xeno% w/Add-Ons – Switch Axe JalBagel
Any% LVCreed
Guitar% Creblestar
Any% Iraqvet0304
Any% (Buster Only) siberianbull9 Play VS Skip Crystal Stage
Any%/100% BarrelOfRats Upgrade Any% to 100%
Any% GuyNextDoor717
Any% angrylanks
Chase/Fight JP Sheena ThePhantomire
Perfect Ending wolfman2000
Any% Hard Brasswolf
Sunday, October 04, 2020
Any% Normal Sapphron
Any% Sapphron
Any% (Buster Only) Kammesennin
8-Bit (No OoB)/Linear (No OoB) Miinfin, Kyleberry_sr Upgrade 8-Bit to Linear
100% LinkaMeister
Any% Gunvolt ProInfernape
Any% ProInfernape
Any% (JP) Amad
Any% Normal (No OoB) Amad
Any% Eric (Normal) VaeVictusBR
Any% (Buster Only) DragonMetalQueen
Any% (Buster Only) DragonMetalQueen
All Skills FuzzyGames_
Any% KLM1187
Story Mode (Easy) CountGooby
Worlds Collide Randomizer siberianbull9
Any% (X Mission) TempestMask1000
Any% (Mega/Proto/Bass/Duo) TempestMask1000 Character Bidwar
UV Speed/ITYTD Speed NinjaDelphox Game Bidwar
Any%/No Special Weapons dnk_lionais Upgrade Any% to No Special Weapons
All Four Any% roopert83, SuperMegaDav, RoyLT, Mars02
Randomizer Fall 2019 Tournament Flags MrCab55, theseawolf1, Panzerdave Hide Dungeon #s + Shuffle Drops
Multiworld Combo Randomizer strizer86, neatorific Save/Kill the Animals

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