GOC 2020 Speedruns

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Boss Exhibition Ramen_Cat
Easy Mode Any% Proto_Sonic
Cinco Bingo Race/Co-op Blackout Keizaron Herculesbenchpress Category Bidwar
Resist Ending KyrieZee
Saturday, April 25, 2020
Any% Normal Teleo1
8-Bit (No OOB) Race Kyleberry vslackSR Upgrade 8-Bit to Linear
Any% Drex
Trevor Only freeland1787
Any% Nilssonalex92
Full Beettallion (No Tonics) Aljex
Any% Good Ending Ketil
Hero Story Drakodan
Any% Normal Paulsaltine
Juste Any% ZeldaBlade Add Maxim Any% Run
Any% CyklopzGV
Any% No High Pride Xerobladedge
Any% (King of Cards) DanTheVP
1.15.2 2P Co-op Any% RSG NynahNina rossu123 Nether Bidwar
Any% dat1niceguy
Any% ROTFLandmines
Mercy Any% MrOtter8
Any% Panduh4
Blaze Normal Sonicman2005
Any% Glitchless Race jeremyarroyo TypicalFantasyX
Any% Solid_Snake1982 Save VS Kill the Animals
Guitar% CrebleStar
Any% Normal (Buster Only) StuffnThings
Any% LookinToad
Any% ProInfernape
Any% MrCab
POW% siberianbull9
Any% No OoB (Normal) karterfreak
Beat the Game (1 Player) GlitchCat7
Sunday, April 26, 2020
100% Race Stewie_Cartman TEEX88 TheHaxor
Any% Hard FCJ2000
Any% Mannix86
Any% strizer86
Any% Normal/Any% Nightmare Laxxus Category Bidwar
Any% 3 Loop KLM1187
Rush Only HatchetMansMyth
Good Boi% Jassifrickanation
Any% NickBGoHard
Any% KonceptioN2
Any% (Mega Man & Proto Man) TheBlacktastic HJA
100% darrenville
All Stages (Easy) 8bitisgr8
Jets of Time Race proccy averaenaveraen
Any% FlibbityFlam
Beat the Game Race AndreTheXLR8R Bsquared
Any% Eric (Normal) eldritch_mecha
100% Race Sapphron LinkaMeister
Hard Mode Khanster786 Character Bidwar
1% Hard Race Herculesbenchpress CScottyW
Monday, April 27, 2020

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