Game Over, Cancer! Fall 2021

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Intro strizer86
100% Normal Glitchless Vertz505
100% pecodeguile
Any% MrCab55
Any% Buster Only DragonMetalQueen
100% KonceptionSR
Thursday, October 21, 2021
Intro strizer86
Xeno% JalBagel
NG+ Glitchless eldritch_mecha Costume Bidwar
Friday, October 22, 2021
All Weapons ImDoinIt Upgrade 3 Weapons to All Weapons
Intro strizer86
100% mavibomber, poisoncurls, Geo, Giocci
Beat the Games mm2nescartridge, neatorific
Any% No OOB Miinfin
Saturday, October 23, 2021
Any% Fighter/Any% Princess dnk_cafe Upgrade Fighter to Princess + Crown Cam
Any% Glitchless Mannix86
Any% Shu Paulsaltine
1 Loop Squire HaBeeBs_
Showcase kariohki
Beat the Game janglestorm
Any% Dyanketo Color Bidwar (Pink/Cyan/Red/Green)
Any% 8 Pages tetsuoooo
Arcade Mode (Easy) Jimmy_Diamonds Character Bidwar
Mega Man shimegabriel
Any% iraqvet0304
Any% KaiserKrister
Any% siberianbull9
100% ThePhantomire Shade Man OST Bidwar (Default/Alternate)
Any% (NES + GB) KLM1187 Mermaid Cosplay
Any% ROTFLandmines
Any% NG+ Casual itsAkashi
Any% ProPieceRTA
All Mushroom Powerups (NES + SNES) Stewie_Cartman
Lost Worlds+ proccy, CthulhuCrisis
Sunday, October 24, 2021
Beat the Game - Season 2 Retronika
Any% NMG Laxxus
Any% DoubleDubbel
Any% Very Easy jphpue
100% LinkaMeister
Any% Memory Corruption Destructor
100% noxiousnick
100% Normal noxiousnick
Any% Oninoiwa
Any% CousinCatnip Color Bidwar (Original/Alternate)
Professional! Mode Teleo1
Points Battle (Versus) DanTheVP, ThirdWall
Episode 1 (Ultimate/Veteran) TheBlacktastic Upgrade Ultimate to Legend Hunter
Any% KenshinTrek
No Candles DrunkenDraconian
Trevor Only Crunan__
Any% Resistingframe
Any% Normal strizer86

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