Game Over, Cancer! Spring 2021

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Any% karterfreak
Relaxed Any% Vertz505
3 Weapons I'm Doin It
Lab/Surrender ThePhantomire
Any% ProInfernape Game Bidwar
Saturday, April 24, 2021
Standard Race Seed WindFox470, IB_karma Name Butz (Top 2)
All Stages Buster Only Kammesennin
Any% US Laxxus
Any% (SNES) LinkaMeister
Any% JP Burb
US Eric Normal Mannix86, VaeVictus
Soma Glitchless JupiterClimb
Episode 1 (Normal/Veteran) DanTheVP
Swordless PanzerDave
Master Sword NMG iraqvet0304
Beat the Game (Standard Ruleset) Nika
Any% (Amiibo) Destructor
Any% Romaji Sushi_Kishi
Any%/Any% 3 Loops KLM1187 Upgrade Any% to Any% 3 Loops
Any% (Rockman) KLM1187, MrCab55
All Stages Creblestar
Any% (Normal/Zipless) GeneralAndrews
Pow% & Buster Only Showcase siberianbull9, ResistingFrame
Any% Protoman & Megaman Showcase HJA, TheBlacktastic
Any% XenoSRL
Defeat Mother Brain mm2nescartridge Save/Kill the Animals
Any% Sapphron
Sunday, April 25, 2021
Any% (No OoB) Miinfin
Tower of Two Fists (Get Urshifu) KonceptioN2
Any% Amad
Any% norimaki_SR
Any% Bdot_reality
Any% Dat1niceguy, Tinnue, KenshinTrek, RetrophileTV
Any% JP dnk_lionais Pick Characters (Top 2)
Best Ending Glitchless pile
Percival Hard% Spriven, Crunan__
Any% Goofi Pick Character
Any% Crazyapeboy
Any% Pirate Mode (No OoB) janglestorm
Any% Khanster
All Guns Fox of the Flame
Standard Race Flags proccy, cthulucrisis, JanusZeal, moonblizzard
Glitchless New Game+ Soocy
100% (Demo 3) dove06
Any% Warpless TEEX88, stewie_cartman
Any% Easy Malcreos Pick Character
Any% (No OoB) azder

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