Game Over, Cancer! Fall 2022

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Intro GOC Crew
Current Patch Glitched Amad
Any% MiniSebrango
Any% KenshinTrek
Any% (No WW) Teleo1
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Intro GOC Crew
Sonic & Tails New Game+ NMG MushyShushy, ParkerDuDe999
New Game+ DanTheVP
Unrestricted Any% karterfreak
Double Bingo Cynas Triple Bingo, 2 Hour Challenge
Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Any% LevelUpLeo
Glitchless Ozmourn
Intro GOC Crew
Showcase LordNuke
Keysanity - Overworld Glitches squidman
Thursday, October 20, 2022
Intro GOC Crew
Any% Normal strizer86
Normal Mode CousinCatnip
Showcase CousinCatnip Bonus Run
Samson Only Easy dnk_cafe
Any% ParadoxHit
PK Scramble ProPiece
Friday, October 21, 2022
Intro GOC Crew
D-Nizer - Standard Benja Upgrade to All Missions
New Game Any% TempestMask1000
Any% Jakobdoesathing
Epoch Fail + Dupe Characters Colddrizzle, Mirshana
Saturday, October 22, 2022
Intro GOC Crew
Any% Laxxus
JP Any% Tinnue
Xeno% GreenSpeed Dodogama Bidwar
Flight% JalBagel
Any% Glitchless MarkAlarm
Uzume EODTex
Any% ImDoinIt
Any% Zipless Normal Giocci, StahlbolzenSC2
100% Giocci, StahlbolzenSC2
Any% Resistingframe Upgrade to 100%
Showcase SimplyAzuma
Co-op 3P Arcade Okay MrCab55, Khanster786, siberianbull9, falseboo, ateatree, NescapePlan Upgrade to Gnarly
Sunday, October 23, 2022
Intro GOC Crew
Any% Random Seed - Argus Padrone_Leandri
Any% Dyanketo Upgrade to Egg%
All Songs (SRM) G3neziz
Any% All Mansions (No Save Corruption) Burb__
Maria Only AgentWyvern, Komrade
Any% Glitchless TuckerLeRat
Any% NMG Normal Kekumanshoyu, Ososhawkin
78% LinkaMeister
Any% Easy Mode Sotaleer
Any% tetsuoooo, Skawttie
Any% Blue Easy Moonkues
103% ThePhantomire Colour Bidwar

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