Game Over, Cancer! Spring 2022

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Intro strizer86
10 Random Levels ProPiece
Any% Teleo1
Beat the Game/5 Goals PanzerDave
Thursday, April 14, 2022
Intro strizer86
100 Shines MrCab55
Any% (Xtreme) TempestMask1000
Low% DrunkenDraconian, Crunan, KenshinTrek
Any% Cynas
Friday, April 15, 2022
Grand Prix (Blue Falcon VS Golden Fox) RetrophileTV Character Bidwar
Intro strizer86
NES Trilogy Warpless Stewie_Cartman
Any% Liqquify
Any% (Fighter) Shime
Second Quest Low% Antlerz44
All Bosses LevelUpLeo
100% DanTheVP
Saturday, April 16, 2022
Any% DanTheVP Bonus Run
Legacy of Cyrus CthulhuCrisis
English Laxxus
All Story Bosses% jphpue
Showcase LordNuke
Episode 1 (Normal/Veteran) DanTheVP
Any% PanzerDave
Any% Glitchless ProPiece
100% LinkaMeister
100% LinkaMeister
All Weapons highfivefromryan
98% Suitless mm2nescartridge Save/Kill the Animals
Any% ironrusty, thedagit, jooniejoone
Any% NMG TheOnlyTugboat
Any% Emulator jakobdoesathing
Sunday, April 17, 2022
Any% JP dnk_cafe Character Bidwar
46 Robot Masters Creblestar
Any% LookinToad, iraqvet0304
Any% Normal Aeshmah
Any% Paltha
Any% Amad
Any% Fly, Sorantyan
Bass siberianbull9
97% VS 100% Giocci Category Bidwar
Any% Geo
All Stages (Easy) macispoopy
Clockwork VS Counteclock StahlbolzenSC2 Category Bidwar
Hard Mode - No Turbo Benja
Xeno% with Addons JalBagel
Bad Ending KenshinTrek
Defeat Belphegor (Alcedor, Casual) Vertz505
Beat the Games KLM1187
Any% Easy Malcreos Character Bidwar
100% azder Save/Kill the Animals
Any% NMG Normal kekumanshoyu

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