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Any% Anti
Any% Redlof
69/70 USJs Andra vs Shadow_Dog vs Leonsalad
Thursday, April 05, 2018
Any% Nozlar
Toughened English_Ben
All Letters FingerQuick
100% Joshimuz
Beat Shakedown English_Ben vs Squaky vs Rok vs PowerSlaveAlfons
All Packages PowerSlaveAlfons vs Leone
All Missions Marushko vs RoK
All Missions Omega
ACE showcase Gaël
100% Nozlar
Friday, April 06, 2018
All Missions Tezur0
Any% No SSU Marushko
Bingo Ryedawg vs FingerQuick vs PokerFacowaty
100% RoK
Any% Redlof vs Hoxiu vs Gaël vs Odyssic
Lions of Fo Redlof vs Odyssic
Any% Andra
Saturday, April 07, 2018
Bingo Ryedawg vs Lanayru vs Nozlar
Any% Kyle
Bingo Bosz vs Overcooler vs Mr Mary
7 Assets Marushko
All Tags PrettyGood vs Storm vs Thriving vs Marushko
Any% Tezur0
100% Anti
In Game 100% Redlof vs Odyssic
Win The House Redlof vs Odyssic
All Tournament Races Redlof vs Hoxi vs PowerSlaveAlfons
Bingo English_Ben vs Menno vs Squaky
Sunday, April 08, 2018
All Horseshoes MToms
100% MisterPost
All USJs Ryedawg vs Nozlar vs Kyle
All USJs Bosz vs Overcooler vs PowerSlaveAlfons vs Hoxiu
All Packages Marushko vs Leone
Any% Leonsalad
99 Luftballons Gaël
Monday, April 09, 2018
100% Redlof
Party Everyone

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