Handheld Heroes - Summer 2017

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Halodude862, Mr_Shasta Game Boy Advance 100%
danzaiver00 Game Boy Advance Hard Red
Mundungu Game Boy Any%
Trysdyn Game Boy Any%
sickynar Game Boy Beat the Game
sickynar Game Boy Any%
eBloodyCandy Game Boy Any%
garbanzoguy, sickynar Game Boy All Levels
garbanzoguy Game Boy Any%
johncarls Game Boy Any%
Trysdyn Wonderswan Color Any%
Mr_Shasta Game Boy Advance Any%
quoooo Nintendo 3DS Any% Normal/Classic
Ratchetmania Playstation Portable NG+ Any%
Ratchetmania Playstation Portable NG+ Warp
bakaFon Game Boy Advance Any% Advanced
Saturday, July 15, 2017
Osey889 Game Boy Advance NG+ Any%
Ghostkingg1 Playstation Vita Any% Easy
Crrool Playstation Portable Any%
Strizer86 Game Boy Advance 100% Soma All Souls
VBspeedruns Game Boy Advance Maxim All Bosses
unusualcook Game Boy Color Any%
unusualcook Game Boy Any%
Linkums Game Boy Any% Start Disney Block
Atroz Game Boy Any%
EndySWE, bangerra Game Boy Any% Easy
EndySWE Game Boy Any% End Disney Block
Minicharge Game Boy Any%
tocaloni1, crazeyawesome Game Boy Advance Any%
bangerra, Atroz Game Boy Any%
NMEtv Game Boy Normal
eBloodyCandy, NMEtv Game Boy Any%
jumpypenguin_, YoghurtEmpire Game Boy Beat the Game (Normal Mode)
Crrool Game Boy Heading Out 99 RMS
Scrub_Busta Game Boy Advance Any% Normal
AsukaFanboi Game Boy Advance Any%
Avanor_ Game Boy Advance Any%
pld_ Game Boy Any% Start Mega Man Block
johncarls, tremane Game Boy Any%
MrCab55, tremane Game Boy Any%
D_Wil Game Boy Advance Any% End Mega Man Block
swordsmankirby Nintendo DS 100%
ZorlaxSeven Game Boy Best Ending
CDRomatron Game Boy Advance Any%
JRP2234 Game Boy Advance 0%
Sunday, July 16, 2017
eBloodyCandy Game Boy Any%
Snoion Nintendo DS Any%
WinnerBit Game Boy Advance Any%
giygasblues Game Boy Any%
manovermars Game Boy Any%
Pedalpowerluigi Game Boy Beat the Game
BlueInfinity22 Game Boy Advance Any% Start Zelda Block
TheLegendofZaheer Nintendo 3DS Any%
TheLegendofZaheer Nintendo 3DS Any% End Zelda Block
Oh_DeeR Game Boy Any% Glitchless Start Mario Block
pidgezero_one Game Boy 0-20
EeveeSRL Nintendo 3DS No Secret Exits
Mr_Shasta Game Boy Advance Normal Any% Zipless End Mario Block
Atroz Game Boy Any%
Koopary Game Boy Color Intense (Exploding Lift)
vlackSR Game Boy Any% (No WW, No OoB, No S+Q)

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