Handheld Heroes - Summer 2018

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smartalec0624 Beat the Game Game Boy Advance
Smelly_McTroll Any% Easy Game Boy Advance
JasperTheFish Story Mode Any% Nintendo DS
eBloodyCandy Beat the Game Game Boy
Atroz5 Any% Game Boy
WinnerBit Any% Game Boy Color
Smelly_McTroll All Bosses PlayStation Portable
Saturday, July 14, 2018
Smelly_McTroll, Xander_Robotnik Any% Nintendo DS
Yoshi86UP Story Mode Singles Tourneys Game Boy Advance
Bingchang Any% Game Boy Color
NullSprite No Major Glitches Game Boy
trysdyn Any% Game Boy Advance
slashinfty Beat the Game Game Boy
tokko_tomcat Any% Normal Game Boy
LRock617 Any% Game Boy
KowalLazy Any% Game Boy
Valyssa Time Attack Novice Tracks Game Boy Advance
eBloodyCandy Beat the Game Game Boy
KrusKader Beat the Game Game Boy
KrusKader Knight Any% Game Boy
eBloodyCandy Beat the Game (Extra Mode) Game Boy
Kosmic Any% Nintendo 3DS
MyOhMyke 100% Reverse Boss Order Game Boy
wizwar100gaming Any% Game Boy
smartalec0624 Any% Game Boy
Chubbus, GarbitheGlitcheress, lizgoddess, SuddenlyCassie JP Any% Game Gear
Kinnin11 100% Nintendo DS
DragondarchSDA Any% Nintendo DS
SuddenlyCassie Any% Game Gear
Tchy All Missions Game Boy Advance
Sir_Zylo 103% Game Boy Advance
Sunday, July 15, 2018
Zinfogel Any% Game Boy Advance
TheLegendofZaheer Any% Nintendo 3DS
TheLegendofZaheer Medallions, Stones, Trials (MST) Nintendo 3DS
WinnerBit Any% Game Boy Advance
WinnerBit Any% Game Boy Color
Atroz5 Any% Game Boy
Smartball No Starworld (Luigi) Game Boy Advance
Snoion Any% Nintendo DS
KrusKader Ys I Any% Nintendo DS
DragondarchSDA Any% Game Boy Advance
MetroidMaster Any% Normal Game Boy Advance
behemoth87 Any% Game Boy
Mr_Shasta All Items Nintendo DS
Mr_Shasta Any% Nintendo 3DS

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