NASA 2020 Weekend 1

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80 Dragons SableDragonRook Incentive to add Any% run
All Achievements 2RED2Game Help Pate vs Help Creighton (Bidwar)
Bingo Hyperion64
Gym Leader Castle Round 1 quo Mini game 3 win speedrun incentive
Challenge (Easy - Intense) FFRPro21 Pokemon choice (9 options)
(NES) Any% FFRPro21
100% Tasselfoot
Any% Tasselfoot
Saturday, June 06, 2020
100% tridenttail Filename (3 chars)
500,000$ in the Bank PokerFacowaty Name Sim (13 chars for first and last name)
No OoB PokerFacowaty Polish, English, or German Language (Bidwar)
Any% Mr_Mary
Campaign (Easy) FingerQuick
Any% PvtCb Watch Intro cutscene incentive
All Bosses PvtCb
NES - Alucard levelengine Filename
100% No Post Game suprix Ending Character Choice (Bidwar, 12 options)
Any% PeterAfro Bidwar between Mega Man, Proto Man, and Roll
Frediua PeterAfro
any% (GOTY) PeterAfro
Any% bathsaltedpeanuts
HD Remaster (PC) bathsaltedpeanuts
Any% LinkaMeister
100% LinkaMeister
2-Player Multiworld (Exhibition) RaikouRider vs Stump Save or Kill the animals (Bidwar), ALTTP sprite selection (10 options, top 2), SM sprite selection (4 options, top 1-2)
Any% Retroverse
Any% Retroverse
NG+ Other Anthology Retroverse
Sunday, June 07, 2020
Any% garbagebaby
Episode 1 100% CrispyHanako
Any% CrispyHanako
Any% Raosal
Any% Hyperion64 Character Name (15 chars)
7PC Duofecta HotCoffee
Episode 1-4 (Jazz) Treya Glitch Exhibition
Any% HotCoffee
All Expert Parks (OpenRCT2 FF%) HotCoffee Save or Kill the Guests (Bidwar)
Any% Treya
NG+ DASH Race Dyne_Nuitari vs KingSpi Garb colours
Easy Any % Sonicman2005
Any% Easy Co-op MASH & Darkfox36 Soundtrack bidwar (OG vs Retro)
Any% New Game + MASH Outfit Bidwar (3 options), Watch cutscenes incentive

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