NASA 2020 Weekend 2

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Octo Expansion quo
Retro Tracks, 150cc No Items quo Character choice (3 options), Add items incentive
Sonic: Beat The Game Okamikaze US vs JP Soundtrack
100% Linkameister
Any% No Wrong Warp NaxHPL Character Name, Ending Bidwar (2 choices)
All Books TwoWorlds
All A's Pea
100% shadoweh
Fixed Strouse12
All Levels Race ProInfernape & Electra_RTA
Any% jymotion
Saturday, June 13, 2020
VS Mode Showcase (Exhibition) CrispyHanako & Silentblackcat
Babel Pairs CrispyHanako Character Choice (13 options)
[A] RodG Filename, English vs JP voices bidwar
Niobe TwoWorlds
Any% Gumjaw Staring contest side quest incentive
Any% GrimShins Incentive for Any% Hard
Arcade Mode (Normal) Kirthar Character choice (2 options)
All Bosses - Expert, Legacy Kirthar
Any% One Player Kaadzik
Main Story Kaadzik Ending choice bidwar
Any% KonceptioN2
Mickey Game Bidwar KingRhodesTn Bidwar for Game Choice
Beat the game KingRhodesTn
Dr. Mario Bidwar razorflamekun Bidwar for Game Choice
100 Lines, Level 0 Start razorflamekun
All Quests (Casual, Random, No HDFS) razorflamekun
All Worlds Race Kitoko & ArcticFire Pick player model bidwar
Celestial Ending Kitoko
Randomizer - Standard Flags RaikouRider File Name (3 x 8 chars), Sprite choice (9 choices)
Single Story - Tressa, PC Zoim English vs JP voices bidwar
Any% (Arcade) AirAngel Choose Sailor Scout (5 choices)
Jupiter Sonicman2005
Sunday, June 14, 2020
Fighter/Puzzle Fighter Bidwar Sonicman2005 Bidwar for Game Choice
Easy FreyasSpirit Choose character / shot type (4 options)
Low% FreyasSpirit Save or Kill the Animals Bidwar
Any% KingRhodesTn
Any% KingRhodesTn
Medium [Level-4] Enasper
Epilogue Any% emeraldaly Costume Choice (Bidwar, 7 options)
NG+ All Bosses emeraldaly English, Chinese, or Japanese Narration Language (Bidwar)
World War 1 emeraldaly
100% FingerQuick
Any% Glitchless KonceptioN2 Name Rival, Name Flyer
Unlimited mode - Type-I (Exhibition) InFireX
Any% No Up+A RaikouRider Incentive to change category to 100% No Up+A, Filename choice (3x8 characters, cannot be "ZELDA")
Any% No Major Glitches MushySR
All Songs (blindfolded) (Exhibition) Duraludon Incentive to use hardest routines
Any% DaleDukk Outfits choice bid war (3 characters), Take the stairs in Chapter 16

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