No Kid Hungry x SpeedGaming 2021

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janglestorm Any% - Pirate Mode (No OoB) PC
sbdwolf Any% SNES
MiVu24 100% SNES TeemuTM
Destructiox Any% Medium (Shannon) Genesis Character choice: Shannon vs Ackroyd
ArcaniaCQ All Modes PC Puyo Puyo SUN - Carbuncle Fight
starsmiley Pet the Dog PC Choosing Sunny's name (6 characters)
mod366 Beat the Game PC
gamercal Warpless (Marisa) PC
TempestMask1000 Story Mode (Easy) XboxOneS Difficulty - Medium/Easy
Kefka14 100% US N64 Bonus: Boss Rush 1.0 -- Poll: Character Choice
Kefka14 Buttercup 100% N64
Kefka14 4 Man TKO N64
herculesbenchpress Blindfolded MasterBall Challenge Cup N64
groggydog Story Mode PlayStation Bonus: FFVIII track.
mysterion06 Seperate Ways+ PC
marphoria New Game Easy PC Bidwar to Save Mia or Save Zoe
marphoria Not a Hero NG Easy PC Bonus game donation incentive
airangel, morrowindinmysails All Tours - Items PC Pick which racer I play as
Lenophis, neatorific Rando any% Hard SM logic SNES Bidwars: Save or kill the animals -- SM sprite -- ALTTP sprite . -- Heart color
Thursday, May 13, 2021
FreyasSpirit Any% or Low% Ice SNES Save/kill/taunt/pet the animals
FreyasSpirit showcase Arcade
GhostSenpai All Levels PlayStation 2
kekumanshoyu Any% SNES
kekumanshoyu Any% SNES
kekumanshoyu Any% SNES
SableDragonRook 80 Dragons PlayStation 5 Any% exhibition
Razorflamekun Classic 0-10 Wii Secret Credits
Razorflamekun Challenge - Intense GBC Choose which Pokemon is used during the run (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Pikachu, Totodile, Marill)
huds601 Sonic + Tails, Beat the Game Glitched PC Sonic 3 AIR - Metal and Funk covers by Dean DiMarzo (longestsoloever)
LinkaMeister Sacrifice Ending (Seeded) PC 8 bit vs 32 bit art style
LinkaMeister 100% GBA
KonceptionSR Any% PlayStation 5 Grumpus Color Bidwar (Green, Yellow, Orange, or Black)
KonceptionSR Tower of Two Fists (Get Urshifu) Switch Name Character (12 characters)
Niakky Any% SwitchVC
herculesbenchpress 100% GBA
musical_daredevil All Main Quests PC Character name --any% run
kariohki Any% JP Saturn Upgrade to good ending. - US or JP version.
nobleboy77 Any% SNES
nobleboy77 Any% SNES
TempestMask1000 Any% (X or Zero Mission) GBC FocusSight X Mission or Zero Mission
ProInfernape Any% PC
Mrcab55, KLM1187, werking34 Any% (Rockman) SNES
drcossack Free Enterprise Randomizer SNES Bonus Zeromus sprite & Twinharp song
Friday, May 14, 2021
Vanni_van any% no Credits Warp SNES
quadraaceps All Males | All Females | Rouges Switch Japanese or English voices. -- Category bidwar between Females/Males/Rogues. --Route bidwar for Galdera (Cyrus Sorcerer and Ophilia Sorcerer)
KaiserKrister any% NES
cantaloupeme Any% NES
cantaloupeme 100% NES File names for Zelda.
ShinerCCC any% NES
ShinerCCC any% SNES
necrosky90 Kindergarten% SNES lordfurafura (lordfurafura#2243), rivalegary (rivalegary#1276), runner
necrosky90 100% SNES lordfurafura (lordfurafura#2243), rivalegary (rivalegary#1276), runner
JHobz, Spikevegeta Co-op, Critical Mode, Ansem Report Hints PlayStation 2 Difficult Boss fights into the pool.
Ninban, Megakidicarus Crowd Control - Enemizer SNES 5Fast goal. +1 dungeon per $500 donated
farrakkilhn, dewiniaid, mistariah, malmo, ... Archipelago Multiworld SNES
Saturday, May 15, 2021
kosmic Warpless D-4 (Mario) SNES
sawneyrath11 100% Unrestricted SNES
SuperSonic Glitchless Genesis
SuperSonic Beat the Game Genesis
Retroverse_sr Any% GB
korlkiller 51TE <- Any% PC KamaCrimson & Sir LaurenceNZ
MrTyton Any% New3DS Avatar Name --How to kill Grima at the end of the run
FFRPro21 VS (Easy - Very Hard) SNES
anthole, kavoc Randomizer, Race NES
SlurpeeNinja Any% Wii
Aphotic_Ktulu Any% PSX
Cypherin Any% SNES
Cypherin 100% SNES
vanni_van Any% NES
Cypherin Any% SNES
Infinitemystery Any% TG-16
InfiniteMystery Normal 100% PSP
LRock617 Any% Aracde
Kongcakes Any% SNES
KVD, Lafungo GP150cc All Cups SNES
TheStrahl All Bosses PC
ItsKasa NMG PC
Absogami All Skills No OOB/TA PC
Skarfelt Any% No OOB Easy PC
ShinyZeni 100% SNES Save/Kill the animals
Spikevegeta N64
SuperViperT302 110 Star N64 10 Star bonus run (18:00)
Sunday, May 16, 2021
stewie_cartman NES Trilogy Warpless NES TheHaxor, TEEX, runner
DarkmoonEX, SirLinkalot Any% Race NES Pick 2 of Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage (one per choice, no duplicates). -- Incentive: Required Warmech --Incentive: Remove Masamune
azder Any% No OoB GCN 3-tank Boost Guardian
GhostSenpai All Stages 1 Player NES Sombrero%
Kiwami Any% Switch Change from Any% to 40 Bolts
Sonicman2005 Hard % Arcade
Aeshmah_ Legends Full Story Bronze PlayStation 4 Pro
ShikenNuggets Any% Easy PC
Halfbeasty Story Mode All Levels PC
Osse101 Extra Levels PSP
Drakodan Hero Story PC
Argick Beat The Game PC All Emeralds has a 00:45:00 estimate. Video to the run -
Argick Sonic & Tails Good Ending PC
Tasselfoot, Thundar001 100% Co-op PC
miniland333, niftski, JeremyMKW, jscarbo99 Warpless NES Incentive - Bonus Any% Race
Minous27 any% No OoB PC File Name incentive (10 character max (alphanumeric, dashes and spaces)) -- Befriend the Red Kappa -- Final Shopkeeper Story
TGH Crowd Control
rossu123, john_unfil 100% Randomizer GBA
noxiousnick 100% GBA
Monday, May 17, 2021
JupiterClimb Fighter All Bosses GBA*
JupiterClimb Glitchless GBA*
JupiterClimb Any% NMC DS*
Proinfernape Any% Easy
Mikan Beat The Game PC
JustCallMeGio Any% WiiUVC Pikachu's Picture Choice -- Befriend Furret
antiaaron Beat The Game XB360
JoeKoh27 New Game, Professional PC Incentive: Costume Choice -- BONUS: Assignment Ada Run
juh0rse Any% Wii BONUS: WarioWare Cutscenes
juh0rse Any% Hyper Playstation
bignono New Game Easy any% PC
Yagamoth 1 Player 2 Controllers SNES BONS: Hand Cam
toucansham All Magic Seals PC Developer
MitchFlowerPower, TheHaxor 100%, Crowd Control NES stewie_cartman
Keizaron Randomizer Evolve Every Level GBA

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