Marathon for No Kid Hungry

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Cantaloupeme 100% or Reverse Dungeon Order Bidwars: 100% or Reverse Dungeon Order. File name.
ShinerCCC Any%
ShinerCCC Any% Category: Dagger%
JeremyMKW, Miniland, jtknott, Mars02 Warpless Bonus race: Any% leontoast
Skybilz Randomizer Flagset: Consternation
Nobleboy77 Hard
Nobleboy77 Carlos Normal Category: Expert Mode
tarot, pile, Sam I am Any% Teleo1, darthcubius
CountGooby Story Mode Easy Watch cutscenes
CountGooby Adventure (Very Easy) Bidwars: Falcon Color. Name (4 ch).
teddy 10 Pups
teddy All QT Achievements Watch the Silent Hill cutscene. Bonus run: Museum all achievements.
keizaron Randomizer
vanni_van Any% No Credits Warp Names: Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Tellah, Edward, Rosa, Yang, Palomm Porom, Cid (6 ch)
Thursday, June 11, 2020
vanni_van 100%
DJ Mikemax Any%
GhostSenpai All Stages 1 Player
GhostSenpai Any% Cutscene%
Nikoheart Any% CC Only
GhostSenpai All Levels
Thilotilo Any%
NecroSky90 Any% Category: 100%
NecroSky90 Any%
Trinton Level showcase Troll bonus level
MoonrunesV2 NG+
Dantemustdie234 Any% Fusion suit. Bidwar: What to write on the wall. Venmissa
Yagamoth 1 Player 2 Controllers Hand Cam. Bidwar weapon choice. Character names (Boy, Sprite).
Skybilz vs TheHaxor Crowd Control Race Lozcardsfan23, AdirondackRick
SpikeVegeta Proud Mode
Friday, June 12, 2020
hedweg Any% w/flight
hedweg 24 Bees Bidwar: Regular or 8bit Soundtrack
JTMagicman All Courses (No DLC) Character choice: Bowser or Mario. Mountain Course Championship & Credits.
GreenZSaber Any% Bad Ending!
GreenZSaber Normal Mode Hard Mode
kekumanshoyu Any%
kekumanshoyu Any%
kekumanshoyu Any%
Shogun_Gundam04 Terapin% Bidwar: File name
Trinton Any% Solo Red Mage Meet friends along the way! Bidding war: Character names (4 people). Bonus dungeon. DarkmoonEX
SuperViperT302 Any% Bonus: "The Perfect Run"
Tasselfoot All Main Tasks Category: 100%. Bonus: Glitch exhibition.
kekumanshoyu Any%
kekumanshoyu vs Ivan Normal. CC Race Save/kill the animals apathyduck, WildAnaconda69
Lavan 100% NMG Filename
Rox Any% Category: 100%. Bonus: Boss Endurance.
Saturday, June 13, 2020
Rioyner Any%
Rioyner Any%
Shentok vs Kariohki Any% No Polizu Skip Fight Caldina again
FreyasSpirit Easy Character choice: Reimu A/B, Marisa A/B
GhostSenpai Any% No Item Glitch Activate SFX
RuSyxx Any% OOB
RuSyxx Godzilla 90s vs Godzilla 00s. Kaiju Basketball side challenge
InTheMug Arcade - Tyris Flare
Argick Sonic's Story Bonus: Big the Cat
Argick Sonic & Tails Good Ending Save the music!
Minous27 Any% NoOoB Final shopkeeper story
AirAngel Any% (Arcade) - Easy Character choice: Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter
Shogun_Gundam04 Any% Cutscene%
MoD366 Beat The Game
graample Any%
ShinerCCC Hard Any%
groggydog vs BurtReynoldz Special Flagset Choices: Choose 2 classes. 4 character names. DwightDesotelle, DarkmoonEX. Dani3883 (tracking)
Cantaloupeme Any% Punch out Freddy
Cantaloupeme Any% One Hit KO
Kungfufruitcup Any%
TheTerrificTracy Any% Category: 100%
rossu123, NynahNina Any% Random Seed Glitchless 1.15.2 Duo Co-Op Choice: Who goes in the nether?
SpikeVegeta 70 Star. Crowd Control
TGH True Ending
ProInfernape Any% (Gunvolt)
Keaton Any% Gunvolt
ShinyZeni 100% Save/kill the animals
Sunday, June 14, 2020
MoD366 Any% Normal Category: IG 100% Easy
teddy All Bosses Character choice: Bullet, Convict, Gunslinger, Huntress
vanni_van Any% Save/kill Madmartigan. Bonus: Debug mode exhibition.
BurtReynoldz, DVS7 Shard Hunt Cheezinator, jat2980, Reese Liulfr
Ninban Any% Randomizer
Sunnymuffin Solo Any% Language choice: English or Chinese
Sunnymuffin Single Story Story choice: Primrose or Ophilia. Language choice (voice and text).
razorflamekun Intense
authorblues, LackAttack24, MrCab55 380 Stars
Crowd Control Race Sprite choice (2 players).
TGH Glitchless
Stewie Cartman vs roopert83 Warpless Upgrade: SMB3 100% Teex88, TheHaxor
Zoasty Category Bidwar Category choice (Any%, All Bosses, 100%, GT Classic, Low% Ice). Save/kill the animals.
Monday, June 15, 2020
Davesterio Any% Normal

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