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Any% N64 (30 Tokens) PeterAfro vs. shadoweh91
Story Mode Any% VeliØr
beat the game unusualcook
100% unusualcook
Medium [Level-4] Enasper Bid War: Character choice: Marco vs. Eri vs. Tarma vs. Fio
Easy Any% lurk
Any% xHotCoffee
Easy% yaranzo Bid War: Easy% vs Expert%, Goal: Any% Showcase
Semi-Pro Circuit Tolarus Goal: Showcase out of bounds shortcuts in the Invitational Circuit
Saturday, March 17, 2018
1 Character teddyras Bid War: Alt vs. Standard costume
Any% (No Game Over Abuse) stump
Any% w/ Flight TaymanND
100% Bregermann
Any% Glitchless RaveTuba
Any% Kreggan Bid War: Choose OST: PC-88 vs. Eternal vs. Chronicles
All Musical Stages Nimehr Bid War: Save or Kill the Teensies, Bid War: Character Selection: Rayman vs. Globox vs. Barbara vs. Teensie
Any% Sylvaned
Any% LilAggy Bid War: Choose Mario's outfit: Luigi vs. Waluigi
Easy Any% LinkaMeister Bid War: Character choice: Bill Rizer vs. Genbei Yagyu vs. Newt Plissken vs. BR-W9
Cruise the USA NG+ LinkaMeister
Normal FFRPro21
Hard Any% FFRPro21
Magical Tetris (Normal) FFRPro21 Bid War: Character choice: Mickey vs. Goofy vs. Donald vs. Minnie
Stage Clear 3D FFRPro21
B Type FFRPro21
1P Stadium (s-hard) FFRPro21 vs. shadoweh91 vs. TaymanND Bid War: Pokemon to be used throughout the whole run. Pikachu vs. Bulbasaur vs. Squirtle
0-15 pidgezero_one vs. YumeTsubasaCH Bid War: Music choice. Fever vs. Chill vs. Off
Beat the Game (Normal Mode) shadoweh91 vs. YumeTsubasaCH
Any% YumeTsubasaCH Vs. Legs
Any% Legs vs. Ruunix2 Goal: Show off broken levels
Any% Combo
Tails's Story PeterAfro Goal: Twinkle Circuit Showcase
Hero Story BuffaloPrime
GT Code (Classic) stump Bid War: Save vs. Kill the Animals
Any% Nosferatu lurk vs. speedfriend Goal: Minecraft% (low res textures which makes the game harder in the dumbest way possible it's p epic)
Alucard PvtCb Bid War: Filename
Any% typwo Goal: I'll wear a foam cowboy hat while playing this if I can use a camera
Any% (w/ sound) lurk Any donation amount with names, 2 per attempt
Any% xHotCoffee
Number Two Headband NG+ Lazerlong
Sunday, March 18, 2018
All Deliveries ThoseCrazyGuys
100% emeraldaly Bid War: Any% vs. 100%
Any% MASH Bid War: Clothing selection, Goal: Additional bonus sexy shower scene
Any% 120 FPS Nimehr Goal: Debug Mode Exhibition
Any% Good Ending MASH Goal: Brutal Mode (dull the blades of combatants for more savage fights)
Any% GreenZSaber Goal: Seraphina's Bunny Outfit Goal: Falcon Punch the Final Boss
Any% Semanari Bid War: Kill vs. Save Rivellon
Any% BlueBeary26 Goal: Blue Diddy
Any% BlueBeary26
All Games Warpless RaikouRider Goal: Change the category to: All Games 100%
Any% Buffet_Time
Any% with dialogue Goost
JP Any% Yashichi
Normal Sylvaned Bid War: Kill vs. save Japan

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