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GliitchWiitch Turbografix CD Any%
Tomm88 PSTV 108% Glitchless
Pessilist PC Any%
TheAxeMan301, Tornel357 NES Tournament Finals Flags Race
Dowolff PC Any%
CreativeEly PC Any% All Weapons
Tuesday, November 03, 2020
teddyras PC Any%
GhostKumo PC Any%
EZScape PS2 Any%
lisarox PC Any% No DLC
starlordria PS1 Any% NG+
KrusKader NES Any%
KrusKader NES Any%
Ghost_wheel SNES Any%
Drumboardist SNES Radar%
Kyoslilmonster PS4 Any% No Ring
therpgchick PS1 Dragon%/Faerie%
Wednesday, November 04, 2020
AeonFrodo Switch Any% Casual
DeJumbi GBC Any%
TheCowness NES Any%
HabKeineName PC Any%
Fire1520 Gamecube Any%
GreenZSaber Switch/PC Main Story
FellVisage PC Any%
Thursday, November 05, 2020
PinkPajamas PS3 Normal Difficulty
TheEndd0 PC Any% Normal (No OOB)
SloaTheDemon PC Any%
misterprmiller PC 1-Stat Challenge Any% Quest for Glory 1-3
Ustra_Ahazu PC 100% Fighter or Thief
LLghtningleon Switch Any% DLC
kirbymastah Switch Crimson Flower/Azure Moon/Verdant Wind/Silver Snow
Professor_Palmer Wii U Any%
Friday, November 06, 2020
CasinoCoin GBA Any%
GhostKumo, Shauny7188 Gamecube Any% Race
DragondarchSDA GBA Any% Random Party
Sanjan_ PC Galdera
Solarcell007 SNES Any% no WW
DistractionCrab PC Randomizer (AB-Race Settings)
Etchy DS Any% Glitchless
Saturday, November 07, 2020
bichphuongballz PS1 Emelia/Asellus Scenerio
MSKain PC Any%
iivgmii PC NG (Hard) True Ending
haktical SNES Any%
CollectiveSoulsRTA PS2 Any%
IamStarbird Switch Langrisser 1 - Route H
puwexil SNES Glitchless 100% with Manipulation
840Riggz SNES Any%
Sunday, November 08, 2020
aloyarkk, Ameiii, BlueMetal PC [A]ny% Race
vanni_van NES Any%
sniperdog147 PS4 Any%
Freddeh PC Any%
wolfman2000 PC Perfect Ending Random/Blind Seeded
r4ng3__ PC All Quests
Dyne_Nuitari SNES Any% Glitchless

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