ResortFest International 2018

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunner(s)Donation Incentive
Any% (US) Alaskaxp2
All Trophy Races (UK) Bandow2000
Swordplay Showdown (UK) Bandow2000
All Sports (X3) (US) Alaskaxp2
All Sports (US) Alaskaxp2
All Sports (Race) (US) Alaskaxp2, (US) Cmdr[16:9], (US) Plyd823, (UK) Bandow2000 Quack% Race (Between Cmdr and Tendog later in marathon)
All Sports (US) Alaskaxp2
Co-Op 70 Star (UK) Bandow2000 and (CAN) G0goTBC Bandow's Character: Mario/Waluigi
Beat the Champion: Table Tennis (SPAIN) Prakxoelpatatita All Stamps
Any% (Race) (US) GamingLand[16:9] and (UK) LukeSaward
(GER) Dragolina and (US) Cmdr[16:9] Bidwar: In-game tags
Subspace Emissary NG+ (Race) (GER) Dragolina[16:9] and (US) Cmdr[16:9]
All Events (GER) Dragolina[16:9]
Target Test 2 (US) Cmdr[16:9]
Classic, All-Star, and Boss Battles Race (GER) Dragolina[16:9], (US) adct, (US) Cmdr [16:9]
Subspace Emissary Any% (US) adct
Necromancer% No Summons (US) Cmdr [16:9] File name
Beat the Champion: Swordplay Duel (US) GamingLand[16:9]
All Categories (US) GamingLand[16:9]
God Mode (Specter Knight) (AUS) JasperTheFish[16:9]
100% (US) GamingLand[16:9]
Beat the Game (AUS) JasperTheFish[16:9]
Any% (AUS) JasperTheFish
Saturday, July 14, 2018
Any% (MEX) GhostSenpai Cutscenes
Any% (US) BashPrime
Any% - No Item Glitch (MEX) GhostSenpai
Puzzle- Normal (NL) DoubleDubbel
All Debts (SPAIN) PrakxoElPatatita Name of Villiger
Normal (UK) Tricrow
5 Part (SPAIN) Prakxoelpatatita
40 Star (SPAIN) Prakxoelpatatita
Warpless (US) CountGooby "Soundtrack Bidwar (MSU-1 vs Original) Baby Mario Noises vs. No Baby Mario Noises Bidwar"
Any% (US) GhostT [16:9]
100% (SPAIN) Prakxoelpatatita
Tails (UK) Matty
Any% Race (US) CountGooby and (NL) LinkaMiester Save or Kill Animals
Easy Any% (NL) LinkaMiester character bid war
Story Mode Race) (US) CountGooby, (US) Cmdr[16:9], (NL) LinkaMiester, (UK) DDRShane Bidwar for Difficulty
New Game (US) MikeWave[16:9] Costume Bidwar
(US) Helix and (US) CountGooby
Target Test 1 (US) CountGooby In-Game tag
Boss Battles (US) CountGooby In-Game tag
Subspace Emissary Solo (US) CountGooby
All Events (Solo) (US) Helix (Temp) Bidwar: In-game tags
Any% (US) Chris Concept Art
Festival% (US) GamingLand[16:9]
Sunday, July 15, 2018
All Platforming Levels (US) Tendog[16:9]
Five Islands (US) Marrow[3DS]
Any% (US) Jarhead_71
Any% (UK) Bigpro19000
Any% (Race) (NL) DoubleDubbel and (NL) LinkaMiester Save every character
Tunerless, Englush (US) realimbored668
NES - Sypha (CAN) levelengine
  • Incentive to go for the ice skip on stage A-02. It was recently discussed by Kanis and saves 3 seconds compared to taking the stairs. - Trying to go for the AI loop on the stage 9 boss instead of taking the safer way out by killing the boss with Trevor.
16 Star (Race) (SPAIN) Prakxoelpatatita, (US) gchierico91, and (US) dumpdome Prax- PAL Version
Any% (US) MyOhMyke[10:9] Bid War: US vs. JP language (US is 5m slower)
Chores and Credits (SPAIN) Prakxoelpatatita
Chores and Credits (SPAIN) Prakxoelpatatita Name of Town
Any% (US) MyOhMyke "DLC Course (Estimate +10m) Brittania All Aces (first course all holes in one) (Estimate +3m) No Reverse Gravity (Est. +5m, +8m total if DLC is included)"
9 Star (SPAIN) Prakxoelpatatita
Any% (NL) DoubleDubbel
All Stages 1 Player (MEX) GhostSenpai
The First Turnabout (US) Wipeoutjack7
Pokey% (US) MyOhMyke "Bid Wars: 4x Hero Names, 1x Player Name are important. Food/Thing/Pet names are less important. Incentives: All Sanctuaries (+30m), Start Credits (+7m), Watch Credits (+14m total)"
Story Mode Easy (US) CountGooby Play with audio (+30 seconds) , Watch cutscenes (+5 minutes)
All Courses Booster Marrow
Any% Marrow Find the Hidden Guys
18 Hole Golf + 18 Hole Frisbee Golf (Race) (US) Cmdr[16:9], (US) Tendog, (CAN) SirTyler, (US) gchierico91 Quack% Race
All Training Plus Games Race (US) Cmdr[16:9] and (US) CountGooby
Cmdr and Plyd823

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