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Crrool any% No Major Glitches (US) SNES
SiverIGuess any% 3DS
Saturday, November 10, 2018
RDVvsTheWorld any% 3DS
Jongyon7192p any% PC
kitofox Beat The Game PC
CmdrYT Boss - Crocodillian PS4
Zojalyx Any% easy Aragorn GCN
MyOhMyke Any% Wii Wii
shonnen any% PS3
Nandii any% Wii
mekarazium Dante NG Nephilim Glitchless PC
GreenSnowDog Funky Mode Switch
Boxmeister 100% Normal GBA
JuegAriel any% GB
myohmyke Pajama% SNES
IndiSR Story Mode PS1
Basten, SSB_Reed Any% Wii
Boxmeister any% Glitchless GBP
Sunday, November 11, 2018
Cmdr All Sports Wii
unfantasmamas Cutscene% PS
UnKnown_Krevzz Very Easy. 5 Stock. Fox N64
Agustin any% Fugitive PC
newlife88 any% NMG SNES
SmurfySR, SuperViperT302 All Cups (Skips) N64
Zojalyx All Trophy Races N64
JasperTheFish God Mode (Specter Knight) PC
IndiSR Devimon% PSP
ShadowFrost any% (No OoB) Wii
greensnowdog any% Switch
Paulister 3 Worlds PS2
isbullets any% PS
ShadowFrost any% WiiU
isbullets any% No EQD PC
RaichuMGS All Bosses PSTV
unfantasmamas Any% (No Item Glitch) PS2
MrMeanMoustache 70 Star N64

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