TIAthon 1

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Crrool, Xitaczz 100% SNES
Crrool Any% PC
RichieD56 Any% Wii
Saturday, January 28, 2017
Dutchj Any% GC
MrMeanMoustache, Smurfy, RichieD56 70 Star N64
Bitpersonal 32 Tracks (No Skips) Wii
Smurfy 100% PS2
Crrool, MrMeanMoustache Heading out 99 RMS GB
Smurfy Match Race Normal N64
Bitpersonal 1 player GBC
Bitpersonal Any% PC
Flutz123 Any% PC
Flutz123 Beat World 6 GB
Crrool All Cases (NG+) DS
Steppehaan Any% GB
Badkiara Any% PS1
Steppehaan Any% (No tutorial) GBC
TehHammerShow Catch 'em all GB
Steppehaan Any% GBA
Steppehaan Line Clear GBA
Snorms Any% GBA
Sunday, January 29, 2017
Deleroth, Alanpikachu, Swaph_ Any% Glitchless GB
PChurch692 Any% Glitchless GBC
Smurfy, MrMeanMoustache Any% GB
Bitpersonal 100% 1p1c Normal PC
RichieD56 Any% GBC
Smurfy Any% Xbox360
Crrool Any% Retry mode glitchless (US) SNES
MrMeanMoustache Any% PC
Crrool Any% (PSP) PSP

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