Summer Relay

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PCB/基板 hsm 2-All
Steam Alva Divine difficulty scoring (Treason)
PC Master Succ Moderate difficulty 1cc
Steam Silver Star Nightmare TLB 1cc w/ scoring
MAME rs9+TH3V01D+Crimsom Scoring kumite
Sunday, August 28, 2022
PS4 x91 Ura scoring
PC gus+cactu Scoring kumite
Xenia baf 1.01 2-All w/ scoring
Mednafen CPS Professional difficulty 1-All (Type 4)
MAME Yoshi+gus+baf+shar+Kiwi+Prometheus+tomzacz+TH3V01D 8-way Stage 3 Boss scoring kumite
TBA kvasovy 2-All w/ scoring
Xenia Luna Maniac mode scoring (Palm)

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