Winter Relay

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MAME G3Fleako Type B 2-ALL
PC Suhiro/すひろ Hard+ Route C 1cc Speedrun
PC shar Basic Mode No Bomb Scoring
MAME Satis Grasshopper Scoring
ePSXe CPS Master 1cc+Extra Menu Display+Time Attack Mode
PC Silver Star Type S TLB 1cc
RGH Xbox 360 w/ practice patch LinieEber Maniac Mode Normal Reco Scoring
Sunday, February 06, 2022
RGH Xbox 360 w/ practice patch gus Ultra Mode Abnormal Palm Scoring (+2 Lives)
PCB yuru/ゆる Gensuke Scoring
MAME G3Fleako NM-VT-TL 1-ALL Scoring
SNES Suhiro/すひろ Arcade Difficulty Speedups Only 1-ALL Speedrun
Steam Olifante Niigi 2 1cc
Steam Meriscan Bf-109 2-ALL
Xenia Rezardi Shasta 1cc+Scoring
MAME Master Succ Type A 2-ALL

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