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Start TimeDurationPlayer(s)CommentsRun TimePrize(s)
Arrow 04:24:00 Sealed copy of the game and Mario picture
Cody Miller 00:31:18 Chell (main character) picture
Cody Miller 04:17:06 2 Master Chief pictures
Friday, January 07, 2011
Carcinogen 01:52:00 Solid Snake picture
Cody Miller 01:44:16
Molotov 01:21:26 Sam Fisher portrait
Carcinogen Best Ending. Donations for Chris or Jill 01:32:00 Chris and Jill pictures
Carcinogen A mode run as leon 01:26:30
Carcinogen 01:27:00
Andrewg 00:29:28 Mega Man and Dr. Wily pictures.
Andrewg 00:41:00 Stage Select Coasters
Arrow 00:44:02 Protoman perler and Mettaur plush
Romscout 00:42:21 Mega Man X picture, Sigma picture
Heidman 00:41:40 Mega Man X Helmet
Mike Uyama 100% run - X or Zero chosen by donation. 00:48:17 CGDQ Zero picture and Zero Helmet
Feasel Warpless run. 00:14:33 Rattle and Roll picture
UltraJMan 00:16:41 Ryu Hayabusa picture
Heidman Can donate for no weapons 00:12:39
Heidman Can donate for no weapons 00:15:04
Mike Uyama Hard difficulty; the only difficulty. 00:16:41
UraniumAnchor 00:13:03
UraniumAnchor 00:44:33 Jason and SOFIA picture, SOPHIA perler
PJ and Emptyeye Pianotoads Race. 00:24:41
Sinister1 00:22:45 CGDQ Little Mac picture, Glass Joe picture
Andrewg 00:03:45
Andrewg 00:08:25
Andrewg Blind Super Mario too. 00:05:51 Mario playing cards, Starman perler
Andrewg 00:14:21 8 and 16-bit sprite playing cards
Andrewg 00:14:56 Mario hat
Andrewg Star Road/warps run. 00:14:33
Andrewg Wii FDS version 00:09:31
Neskamikaze and Essentia 00:40:35 Dr. Mario perler
Neskamikaze 00:13:00
Trihex Any%. 02:25:42 Poochy picture
Tjp7154 100%. 00:58:00 Cranky Kong picture
Essentia 03:32:00 Sealed copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns
Saturday, January 08, 2011
Josh the Funkdoc and Andrewg Kareshi on piano. RACE! 00:12:50 CGDQ Simon Belmont picture, Simon perler
Josh the Funkdoc Character picked by donation 00:35:48 Dracula picture
Josh the Funkdoc 00:37:42
SirVG and Satoryu Race 00:24:29 Maria perler
Romscout, RaneofSOTN, and Satoryu 3-way race. 00:38:00
Kareshi 00:26:56
Kareshi 00:47:18 Lucifer picture
Carcinogen New Game+ on Professional. 02:13:29
MatrixTN normal 00:09:57 Thexder picture
PJ and SirVG Professional! mode race. 00:30:46
Lag.Com donations for character name 00:13:37 Dagoth Ur picture
Arkarian 00:05:00
Pootrain 00:13:12
Neskamikaze 00:07:24
Pootrain 00:28:54
SMK Pokémon and trainer name based on donation. 02:25:25 Pikachu and Mewtwo picture, pokeball hat
UltraJMan One-boss run. 00:24:38 Samus perler
John De Sousa 01:00:55 Metroid plush
Biospark 01:20:52
Samus and Ridley picture 01:56:42
Tjp7154 02:25:54 Samus and Metroid portrait
PJ Mystery game 00:10:00
Breakdown Donations for file name 00:40:58
Sunday, January 09, 2011
Tigger77 Full run 01:36:04 Link cap
Romscout Glitched run. 00:09:28
Breakdown Donations for file name. 01:47:32 Boxed copy of the game + player's guide
Runnerguy, Jiano, Aleckermit, and Cosmo 4-way race! 01:13:10 Link riding Epona picture, Link picture
Jiano Game is picked by donation. Super Mario 64 is a 120 star run. 02:04:55
PEACHES_ 00:35:38
Cosmo Expert Course 00:27:52 Aiai picture
everyone :(
Aleckermit and Romscout 2-player Grand Prix. 00:53:51 Mario Kart wallet
Jiano 1 star. 00:11:52
Trekhaak Any% 02:55:42 Banjo-Kazooie picture
Carcinogen and RaneOfSOTN New Game+; co-op run 02:01:46
Arrow 00:54:15 Prince of the Cosmos picture, Katamari Hat
Breakdown 00:28:00
Moooh and Breakdown Race. 00:32:59 CGDQ Psycrow picture, Queen Slug for a butt picture, Cow perler, and boxed copy of the game.
John De Sousa and Mike Uyama Race. 00:29:53 Sparkster picture and perler
Mike Uyama and Stanski 2-player co-op X-rated entertainment. 00:07:42 Altered Beast picture
Stanski 00:25:44 CGDQ Dr. Robotnik picture, Sonic picture, and Super Sonic perler
Mike Uyama and Josh the Funkdoc Mania. Max + Axel Co-op. 01:08:41
Mike Uyama Hard difficulty. Character based on donation. 00:25:29
Heidman 00:12:26
Feasel and RaneOfSOTN 2-player co-op 00:11:33 CGDQ Alex picture
Mike Uyama, Romscout, UltraJMan, and RaneofSOTN 4-player co-op 01:37:00
Monday, January 10, 2011
Emptyeye and Mike Uyama 2-player co-op. Character based on donation. 00:29:13 Mike Haggar picture
Axel Ryman 05:05:45 Sora picture
Breakdown Dante Must Die mode. i.e. the only mode 01:59:42 Dante and DMC picture
people boo
Flicky 03:25:11 2 Bayonetta pictures, Sealed 360 and PS3 copies of the game
Arkarian Very easy difficulty 02:51:55 Nathan Drake picture, sealed copy of the game.
Mike Uyama Character based on donation. 00:32:50 Rootmars picture
Moooh Genesis version. 00:17:03
Mickey_Mage 00:20:00
Flip 01:31:44 Wario picture
Romscout and superfriends! Most runs will be co-op. 00:58:21 Kirby powers picture and Kirby plush
people not cool
MercuryZelda and Sir VG Race! This is Kirby's Adventure. 01:02:49 Kirby picture, MetaKnight perler
Animeowzerz Any% 02:09:18 Sly Cooper picture
Trihex 100%. 02:16:00
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Nitrodon Good ending 01:16:02 Quote and Curly pictures, low and high-def perlers of Quote and Curly
Essentia and Denton 02:30:00
Molotov and Axel Ryman or Nitrodon New game+ race. 00:10:00
Essentia 100%. Names based on donation 06:36:18 Too many perlers and pictures to count!
RaneofSOTN Names based on donation. 04:29:52 2 Rydia pictures, Dark Knight Cecil perler

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