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ScheduledEstimateRunner(s)Couch Commentator(s)CommentsPrizes
SMK Lee PC version. Raz cap
ShadowWraith and romscout Houser and Cody Miller co-op
Tri-Hex Lee and ZachSK 100% Yoshi hat; perlers; and artwork begin
Neskamikaze Yoshi hat; perlers; and artwork end
Carcinogen Houser Deus Ex: Human Revolution game
Trekhaak Cody Miller and Mike Uyama Normal difficulty. Japanese Burns GO! copy of Vanquish (winner specifies PS3 or 360)
Thursday, January 05, 2012
Caleb Hart puwexil
Theenglishman LLCooldave Resident Evil 4 artwork
Molotov Romscout and Jman Hard new game+
Peaches_ Mundungu and Withhelde Fixed world; Donations for character choice
PEACHES_ Josh the funkdoc and withhelde 4 boss
Mike Uyama
UltraJMan Mike Uyama
Sinister1 and UltraJMan puwexil Race. Sword only. Chibi Ryu perler bid start
UraniumAnchor puwexil Chibi Ryu perler bid end
Mike Uyama and Sinister1 PJ Co-op as Raph and Mike. TMNT party van perler bid start
PJ Mecha Richter No warps. TMNT party van perler bid end
UltraJMan PJ and Mike Uyama Run of the century
Naegleria Mike89 Sonic comic bundle; hat; artwork and perlers begin
Mike89 Naegleria Featuring shirtless tri-hex as tails
Mike89 Naegleria Tails
Mike89 Cool Matty SMK is sad.
Yoshifan and Psyknux Mike89 Dark side race and Last Story. Sonic comic bundle; hat; artwork; and perlers end
people The original. A fresh start to the series.
Cyghfer Tiki Mega Man Helmet; Mega Man and Proto Man perler start; Mega Man and Mega Man X manga begin
Tiki Cyghfer and breakdown
Duckfist Buster-only
Duckfist Tiki Mega Man Mega Man Helmet and perlers end
Tiki and Caleb Hart 100% race Mega Man X hadouken perler
Friday, January 06, 2012
Tiki Mike Uyama any% Speed Burner perler
Satoryu Romscout 8-boss run. Mega Man manga end
PJ Mike Uyama and UltraJMan Start of Awful Games Done Quick. Nasir perler and TURDLECANO HAT!!!
Mike Uyama The beast was unleashed.
PJ and Pootrain UltraJMan and maybe Mike Uyama Co-op run
UltraJMan ssskinner
ZakkyDraggy and Tigger77 A three-headed monkey Race.
Funkdoc Duke Davis pulling off one of his manly moves against a gorilla perler
Feasel Dragondarch End of Awful Games Done Quick
Feasel Mecha Richter Chip and Dale Mugshot perlers begin.
Arrow Cyghfer Bad ending vs. Good Ending donation war Bub and Bob perlers
Feasel Cyghfer Bionic Commando perler
Feasel Cyghfer Chip and Dale Mugshot perlers end.
UraniumAnchor puwexil No-grenades challenge on some bosses 3D tank perler
Sinister1 Breakdown Blindfolded Punch-Out Little Mac victory pose perler
Heidman Sinister1
Cosmo Commander Keen perler
neskamikaze moooh This would be interesting; if nothing else Duke Nukem Forever Collector's edition set; without the game mucking it up begin
LLCoolDave Mecha Richter and moooh Episodes 1-3 (i.e. the main game; no add-on) Duke Nukem Forever Collector's edition set; without the game mucking it up end
Lag.Com Main game and secret levels Quake shambler plushie
PEACHES_ One-handed!
equipment A solid improvement over the first game. Also; PC games.
Droogie Hard difficulty Headcrab Hat; Half-Life 2; and Valve Complete Collection.
Cody Miller and ddaanniieell Cool Matty 360 version. race
Cody Miller Legendary difficulty. 5 halo prize packs; each contains at least a copy of halo reach.
Breakdown Mike89 and Tiki Dark world ending. Donations for other levels. Bandage Girl plushie. Engraved Meat Tenderizer. Super Meat Boy Ultra and Ultra Rare edition
andrewg Cyghfer Main game and blindfolded run.
andrewg Cyghfer bidding war for the two (smw won)
tjp7154 100%. Donations for small mario-only. Raccoon Mario; Tanooki Mario and Bowser perler.
Saturday, January 07, 2012
Breakdown Naegleria New Game+ Dante Must Die!
Flicky Tri-Hex and Lee Signed copy of the game (360 version)
theseawolf1 Added by Donation; 100% Good
PJ and kareshi Josh the funkdoc Race (Professional Mode)
Funkdoc Mecha Richter; cyghfer Signed copy of Castlevania Dracula X chronicles (PSP); Dracula X cart; Medusa; Holy Water; and Simon perler and artwork begin
Funkdoc Mecha Richter; cyghfer Alucard; Grant; and Sypha perlers
Funkdoc Mecha Richter; cyghfer
Dragondarch Romscout Julius Mode. Donations for any% or all bosses. Julius perler
Mecha Richter puwexil; Mecha Richter; Satoryu (if Alucard is picked) All bosses as Richter Signed copy of Castlevania Dracula X chronicles (PSP); Dracula X cart; Medusa; Holy Water; and Simon perler and artwork end; Richter and Alucard perler. Official strategy guide.
Mike Uyama; Sinister1; Jprophet22; and Heidman PJ Co-op race.
Dragondarch SMK 100% Metroid Hat and artwork start
UraniumAnchor SMK Metroid Hat and artwork end
Breakdown and Jprophet22 Mike Uyama and Dragondarch Race. Red Octorok; red Moblin; Stalfos; blue Wizzrobe; blue Darknut; and Wall Master perler coasters
puwexil Lag.Com; moooh; RaneofSOTN Disc 1. Donations for names. Final Fantasy VII International with Japanese PS1 and memory card.
Cosmo runnerguy2489 and Wyrm MST run; Japanese version. Ocarina plush. 3D Zelda bundle begin
Sunday, January 08, 2012
Runnerguy2489 Cosmo 3D Zelda bundle end
Molotov Spineshark and Wyrm
Cyghfer romscout; withhelde; and possibly moooh Geno perler
Heidman Mike Uyama and Feasel Donations for low% or any% coop with Hurblat Copy of Contra 3 and serious time perler start
Heidman Mike Uyama and Josh the funkdoc Donations for category.
Mr. K and Hurblat Mike Uyama and PJ co-op of the millennium Copy of Contra 3 and serious time perler end
Sir VG; yoshifan; romscout; and SMK co-op Kirby Mirror plushie start
romscout Sir VG Metaknightmare mode Kirby Mirror plushie end; Galacta Knight perler
Mike89 Cyghfer and SMK no/low-glitch run. Donations determine which game is played Pokemon Red cart with all 151 Pokemon and 3D Missingno perler
Tompa Itsu De Mo and romscout The Save the Frames foundation thanks you. Ricky perler
Cyghfer Feasel and Breakdown Triforce and pendant perlers
argh Now the series is just getting tired :( your impatience
Mickey Mage MercuryZelda; puwexil Glitch run. Donations for names. Ness and Mr. Saturn plush. Dungeon Man; New Age Retro Hippie; and Flying Man perlers. Boxed copy of the game with strategy guide
Cfox7 Yoshifan 70-star Black and pink Bob-omb plushies
Yoshifan Mike89 61-star as Luigi Hungry Luma Plushie
Monday, January 09, 2012
moooh ShadowWraith; UltraJMan Tourist difficulty. Donations for pacifist Grand Cathedral Serious Sam HD Gold Edition on Steam; Skyrim steam code begin
LLCoolDave Donations for pacifist run. Highest donor gets their name mentioned in Remar's newest game; Hyper Princess Pitch! Iji perler.
Lag; ShadowWraith; romscout; and moooh 4-player co-op. At least; co-op is what they claim. 4 copies of Magicka on Steam
PEACHES_ not impossible difficulty Skyrim steam code end
Neskamikaze Pootrain
Mike Uyama ZachSK Donations for character choice. Possibly low%.
Mike Uyama Donations for character choice. Hyakutaro POW perler begin
Mike Uyama Mecha Richter Donations for character choice. Hyakotaro POW perler end
Animeowzerz Cyghfer Bomberman plush
Arrow Yoshifan Donations for which song is played in the longest stage. Katamari hat
Cosmo Mike89 and cyghfer Time is to account for master levels
Mike Uyama ZachSK Donations for language
Naegleria Time Attack mode
puwexil Lag.Com Discs 2 and 3 Big PSX/Saturn RPG bundle! SNES bundle! Zelda Master Sword!
long credits let's break an hour and a half this time A lot of people

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