2015 Schedule

Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 is over! After 160 hours of speedrunning the final donation total to the Prevent Cancer Foundation was $1,575,000. We’d like to thank anyone that participated in AGDQ — from any spectator to all runners.

Videos of AGDQ are currently being uploaded to the Games Done Quick YouTube Channel.

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All dates and times are given in America/New_York timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

ScheduledDurationRunnersConsoleEstimateSetupCommentsCouch CommentatorsPrizesTwitch Channels
Michael Goldfish Wii U 1:35:36 0:30:24 any% Spikevegeta, Ghoul02, NotSoNewby and Kruncha Grand Prize Twitch Pack; PlayStation 4; AGDQ 2015 Banners; SDA/PCF Hats start michael_goldfish
00greenbean00 Gamecube (Game Boy Adapter) 0:49:54 0:09:06 Capinahab, soothingplumtea_, galedog 00greenbean00
Stivitybobo Nintendo 64 2:14:42 0:15:18 Donation incentive for 100% Smasher32, Hyperresonance92 Stivitybobo
Toufool, 0xwas, JoeDamillio Nintendo 64 2:00:00 0:10:00 100% race Toufool31, 0xwas, JoeDamillio
drog Nintendo Wii 0:39:37 0:28:23 New 16 Tracks Drogbass
micro500 and Weatherton Various 0:12:00 0:08:00 TASbot block start Hyrule Crest Pouch; Pikachu Mask; TAS block raffle start
dwangoAC and p4plus2 Various 0:07:00 0:07:00 TASbot block end Hyrule Crest Pouch; Pikachu Mask; TAS block raffle end
dwangoAC, p4plus2, Masterjun, Ilari, true, twm and ais523 Various 0:11:15 0:17:45
Vulajin PC 0:42:46 0:15:14 Cool Matty, Yagamoth, BradNThings Vulajin
Stingray PC 0:53:04 0:09:56 Stingrayy
ovendonkey Playstation 3 0:51:02 0:08:58 Uncharted Game and Scarf Ovendonkey
Monday, January 05, 2015
sk84uhlivin Playstation 3 0:26:54 0:17:06 sk84uhlivin
Edenal and darbian Sega Genesis 0:15:29 0:15:31 Race Blechy, btrim EdenalSDA, darbian
ShadowJacky Sega Genesis 0:29:31 0:08:29 Easy difficulty Studio Sparkster Perler start ShadowJacky
Tonic SNES 0:27:36 0:05:24 Donation incentive for hard difficulty Blechy, ButtersBB Sparkster Perler end cleartonic
Breakdown Genesis 0:29:56 0:09:04 Ristar Perler Breakdown777
Mecha Richter Genesis 0:40:17 0:07:43 iongravirei, Sonikkustar Dynamite Headdy Perler MechaRichter
Galedog Genesis 0:27:51 0:24:09 Max% MURPHGATOR!, Drakodan galedog
2dos and chuckles825 Sega Dreamcast 0:15:11 0:11:49 Crazy Box mode race Mr_Shasta, Znernicus Crazy Taxi RC Car 2dos, chuckles825
Barhunga Nintendo Gamecube 0:20:03 0:09:57 Master difficulty Super Monkey Ball Decal start Barhunga
Norferzlo Xbox 360 0:39:09 0:32:51 Norferzlo
everyone everyone 0:19:43 0:31:17 It keeps happening. VVVVVV here
Talon2461 PC 1:39:11 0:12:49 Bid war between Hero and Dark story. Talon2461
Talon2461 PC 1:04:46 0:13:14 Talon2461
bertin, Shadowjacky, Werster, or Darkspinesonic Gamecube 0:43:50 0:33:10 bid war between teams Shadow Jacky, sylux98, werster, darkspinessonic
Yazzo Gamecube (Game Boy Adapter) 0:33:58 0:11:02 Grand Prix All cups 3D Blue Falcon Perler start Yazzo_
Yazzo and EdwardFourZERO6 SNES 0:40:32 0:08:28 Master class race Yazzo_, EdwardFourZERO6
WMJ Nintendo 64 0:39:56 0:12:04 WMJSpeedruns
Zewing, Naegleria Gamecube 1:23:25 0:15:35 Staff Ghosts Naegleria, Yoshifan, Yazzo, AKC 3D Blue Falcon Perler end Zewing
ysalamiri PC 0:29:31 0:01:29 Cool Matty, Striker Ysalamiri
tripmind PC 0:27:39 0:20:21 tripmind
Cubeface PC 0:15:09 0:03:51 Cubeface21
Cubeface PC 0:19:03 0:07:57 Cubeface21
SpootyBiscuit PC 0:49:50 0:19:10 Hotshot difficulty SpootyBiscuit
PJ and Mecha Richter PC 2:45:00 0:41:00 co-op 100%, donation incentive for secret levels. ProfessorBroman, TeaWrex Battleblock Theater Prize Pack PJDicesare, MechaRichter
RaindropDry PC 0:38:53 0:10:07 All Mushrooms RaindropDry
Tuesday, January 06, 2015
Squidclaw PC 0:35:57 0:09:03 Kirua, Studio They Bleed Pixels T-shirt Bundle squidclaw
licensetobill PC 0:09:01 0:08:59 LicensetoBill
Midboss PC 0:19:56 0:12:04 Developer commentary with Nifflas Blechy Midboss2
DevlJoe PC 0:35:47 0:22:13 Mecha Richter, CavemanDCJ, Nosraef Shantae Perler; Shantae Mermaid Perler DevlJoe
StingerPA and Vulajin PC 0:18:01 0:16:59 Yagamoth StingerPA, Vulajin
Blood_Thunder PC 0:24:58 0:20:02 Bl00d_Thunder
Gyre Gamecube (Game Boy Adapter) 0:16:23 0:14:37 Sonikkustar, Dk28 gyre_
DK28 and TheMexicanRunner NES 0:12:07 0:05:53 race Zallard, sinister, Gildersneeze Contra Print DK28, TheMexicanRunner
InfestedRiche NES NTSC-U 0:17:56 0:06:04 InfestedRiche
PJ and Feasel NES 0:12:49 0:13:11 co-op Duckfist PJDicesare, Feasel
CTConqueror NES 0:12:15 0:09:45 race Authorblues, Infinitemystery, MrCab55 CTConqueror
jc583 and TheMexicanRunner NES 0:30:42 0:11:18 co-op, donations for warpless run jc583, TheMexicanRunner
Darkwing Duck and Feasel NES 0:13:22 0:05:38 co-op DarkwingDucksda, Feasel
Cyghfer NES 0:11:09 0:09:51 Donations for best ending run Mr. Gimmick Reproduction Cart cyghfer, CrescentEXE
Coolkid NES 0:08:47 0:22:13
Bony, Nightmare, and Blechy NES 0:08:37 0:02:23
KirkQ NES 0:05:58 0:12:02
dxtr and bangerra NES 0:18:15 0:08:45 Race Dxtrslab, Bangerra
Cyghfer and Blechy SNES 0:31:00 0:09:00 race Edenal cyghfer, Blechzorz
__sdfg SNES 0:17:09 0:05:51 PJ uusdfg
Sent SNES 0:29:58 0:09:02 Magic Pop'n Perler; Magic Pop'n Reproduction Cart DragonSentinal
kmac NES 0:12:15 0:19:45 Puwexil, Crak Atak, DK28, Dragondarch, Romscout Castlevania Bundle start kissmyafrocard
kmac, ohon, jc583 NES 0:34:59 0:18:01 Grant race Duckfist, Puwexil, DK28, Romscout kissmyafrocard, ohonta, jc583
joedamillio, Furious Paul, hanage, Just_Defend SNES 0:37:39 0:14:21 4-way race Puwexil, gGAMERMAN, DK28 Castlevania Bundle end JoeDamillio, FuriousPaul, hanage_belmondo
duckfist and Infestedriche NES 0:44:53 0:15:07 Duckfist, InfestedRiche
CapnClever PC 0:11:13 0:01:47 Nerf Stryfe Blaster start CapnClever
CapnClever PC 0:02:42 0:02:18 CapnClever
CapnClever PC 0:04:26 0:08:34 Nerf Stryfe Blaster end CapnClever
YetiRevolution PC 0:19:39 0:17:21 Nightfirecat, Lightning55, ZachSK, Calistus FFAtv
CaneofPacci PC 0:25:00 0:07:00 Invasions and Challenges CaneofPacci
witwix PC 1:02:22 0:22:38 Donation incentive for 100% witwix
Pro_JN NES 0:59:47 0:27:13 any% no up+a run, incentive for a glitched run inzult, feasel, PresJPolk NES Zelda Perlers; Zelda Pillows end Pro_JN
Darkwing Duck and lackattack24 NES 0:37:00 0:08:00 no up+a run, race NES Zelda Perlers; Zelda Pillows start DarkwingDucksda, LackAttack24
Reflected, Claude, dragonballjoseph, and Krauser SNES 0:42:00 0:32:00 reflectedsc, TheClaude, Dragonballjoseph, Krauser318
GameJ06 NES 0:28:10 0:04:50 Crak Atak, Frankie Frameskip Mario/Luigi Hat and Scarf Set; Raccoon Mario Pint Glass GameJ06
mitchflowerpower NES 0:53:44 0:19:16 Koopa Trooper, Paragoomba, and Tanooki Mario Perlers Mitchflowerpower
Various SNES 0:11:21 0:06:39 4-way race Skybilz Super Mario, Small Mario, and Peach Tote Bags; Mario and Yoshi Perler
dram55 SNES 0:24:36 0:10:24 Kaizo Mario Reproduction Cart; Muncher Plushie; Power Up Patches Carlsagan42, Dram55
EmoArbiter Wii 0:28:28 0:11:32 2dos, Bismuth Bowser Perler EmoArbiter
Wednesday, January 07, 2015
Gwimpage Wii 2:47:21 0:14:39 Bid war between Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn ButtersBB, Molotov, YayMarsha Fire Emblem Bundle Gwimpage
tekkie NTSC PS2 (PS1 disc) 0:59:50 0:16:10 Carcinogen, Larathen tekkie55
zallard1 Xbox 360 / Wii VC 0:15:25 0:22:35 Splatterhouse Reproduction Cart; Rick and Jennifer Perler start zallard1
Kirua Famicom 0:20:54 0:36:06 Splatterhouse Reproduction Cart; Rick and Jennifer Perler end Kirua
AlbinoAlbatross PC 0:33:56 0:18:04 All main quests. Donation incentive for glitched any% run CavemanDCJ, Luigimeister Elder Scrolls Anthology AlbinoAlbatross
Tterraj42 PC 0:27:53 0:17:07 ZachSK, Method1cal, Gamer0278 Tterraj42
sagev3 and Slackaholicus PC 0:40:42 0:26:18 Sagev3, Slackaholicus
Slackaholicus PC 0:14:29 0:16:31 Donation incentive for a bard run Slackaholicus
Studio PC 0:13:51 0:15:09 artifacts% bandit SovietWaffle
ButtersBB Arcade 0:19:38 0:18:22 Donations for character ButtersBB
PJ Arcade 0:41:25 0:07:35 Donations for character ButtersBB, Mecha Richter, Murphgator PJDicesare
MURPHAGATOR! Arcade 0:31:02 0:16:58 Donations for character ButtersBB, PJ, Zerst MURPHAGATOR
Peaches Genesis 0:28:40 0:10:20 peaches
Timpz Genesis 0:24:02 0:13:58 Sonic Genesis Bundle; Classic Sonic Figure start TimpZ
HDL Genesis 0:38:18 0:12:42 Donations for Tails or Knuckles Naegleria, werster, TimpZ iHDL
footbigmike and Talon2461 Gamecube (Game Boy Adapter) 0:18:29 0:11:31 Race MilesTheWolfman footbigmike, Talon2461
Combo Blaze Gameboy Advance 0:28:04 0:12:56 Naegleria Sonic Genesis Bundle; Classic Sonic Figure end Combo_Blaze
Geoff Xbox 360 1:20:19 0:12:41 Donation incentive for ultimate mode misskaddykins, firedragon764, 360Chrism, CloakedYoshi Super Monkey Ball Decal end Geoff
Jackafur N64 1:15:03 0:12:57 Kittyrawr, peaches__, intercom Jackafur
0xwas, usedpizza SNES 1:16:06 0:09:54 100% race Countdown42 Kirby Super Star Perlers; Kirby's Dream Collection (Wii) 0xwas
bjw SNES 0:04:06 0:09:54 Blechy Umihara Kawase Reproduction Cart bjw
Qlex and friends Arcade 1:42:00 0:10:00 This will melt your mind.
Capndrake PC 0:47:13 0:19:47 AND4H, Sent, T3tsuya Mole Knight Perler Capndrake
Slurpeeninja PC 0:45:50 0:16:10 tonic, LVCreed, Crak Atak Mega Man Console Pack; Mega Man Anniversary Poster start SlurpeeNinja
Thursday, January 08, 2015
adefgames, coolkid, and dxtr NES 0:21:30 0:16:30 Race Joka adefgames, DaBiGBoOi,Dxtrslab
thadarkman78, bjw, and ohon NES 0:38:42 0:09:18 Race Joka Thadarkman78, bjw, ohonta
iongravirei SNES 0:42:55 0:47:05 Joka, Orion96 Iongravirei
Caleb Hart, herpderp88, Domalix, and Babanim SNES 0:37:43 0:17:17 4-way 100% race Calebhart42, Theherpderp88, Domalix, BabanimX
ThatAintFalco SNES 0:42:48 0:11:12 Crak Atak, The Sid, Countdown42, Khanster786 Mega Man Console Pack; Mega Man Anniversary Poster; PlayStation 4 end ThataintFalc0, Trogdor0102
Yagamoth NES 0:19:54 0:10:06 Puwexil, Vulajin, Romscout, Duckfist Beethoven Prize Pack start Yagamoth
Breakdown NES 0:20:37 0:10:23 cutscene% Breakdown777
CavemanDCJ Playstation 0:16:38 0:15:22 Awful Games Done Quick start Studio CavemanDCJ
Alex Navarro PC 0:03:21 0:12:39 GiantBomb
SaintConnor Playstation 0:12:31 0:22:29 Mecha Richter, PJ SaintConnor
ZakkyTheGoatragon Playstation 2 0:27:34 0:05:26 Donations for W-Fist% Emptyeye, MURPHGATOR, Romscout Santos (W-FIST) Perler ZakkyTheGoatragon
CavemanDCJ Genesis 0:04:28 0:07:32 CavemanDCJ
jape Genesis 0:11:00 0:07:00 Cyghfer, jape, Jiano, thedarkman78 cyghfer, jape
Omnigamer SNES 0:27:03 0:06:57 Murphagator, Studio Omnigamer
Shrimp SNES 0:07:29 0:12:31 Studio, Brossentia Beethoven Prize Pack end Shrimp__
Brossentia PC 0:19:07 0:11:53 cutscene% Studio Burger King Prize Pack start Brossentia
AdamAK PC 0:18:24 0:18:36 Adam_ak
Kefka14 Xbox 360 0:19:58 0:15:02 Thelcc, Ghoul02, philosoraptor42 Kefka14
Mecha Richter NES 0:16:36 0:04:24 PJ Swamp Thing Perler MechaRichter
Klaige NES 0:07:09 0:05:51 PJ, Gildersneeze, Mecha Richter Super Pitfall Perler Klaige
Garrison NES 0:03:46 0:04:14
Dragondarch NES 0:09:39 0:05:21 DK28, RaneofSOTN, PJ, Murphagator Karnov Perlers DragondarchSDA
usedpizza NES 0:09:20 0:05:40 Awful Games Done Quick end Burger King Prize Pack end; DesignbyHumans Art Print (1) start usedpizza
Blechy NES 0:11:34 0:18:26 Dxtr, InfestedRiche Blechzorz
Keaur Genesis 0:26:23 0:29:37 CosmykTheDolfyn Keaur
various NES 0:37:23 0:24:37 All three Ninja Gaiden games in a team relay race! Duckfist, Sinister1
sinister1 NES 0:22:07 0:08:53 vision% Sinisterwon
Zallard1 Wii 0:50:15 0:48:45 Donation incentive to fight Donkey Kong zallard1
Benauton, Dragonblitz, Epic, romscout Xbox 360 0:17:26 0:24:34 DesignbyHumans Art Print (1) end romscout, BenAuton, Dr4gonBlitz, Epicly_Epic
Forstride Gamecube 0:42:11 0:16:49 All Debts
Thecrispy22 and mt76907 SNES 1:44:23 0:49:37 any% warps race Carl Sagan, Trihex, Doublestop, igotbored Baby Bowser and Yoshi Perler; Baby Bowser Perler Thecrispy22, mt76907
cojosao PC 1:40:02 0:19:58 Bid war between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Mad Catz Controller for PC and Android cojosao
QuakeGuy PC 0:29:44 0:10:16 Hard difficulty DaBiGBoOi
Gocnak PC 0:52:24 0:21:36 Gocnak
Friday, January 09, 2015
Blizik and Noircat PC 0:13:39 0:18:21 Inbounds, race. Blizik, NoirCat
Cirno and BubblesdelFuego PC 0:19:01 0:09:59 2p1c run Cirno_TV, BubblesDelFuego
Znernicus PC 1:15:51 0:05:09 z1mb0bw4y, norfezlo, xcd, blizik Znernicus
Znernicus PC 0:26:30 0:16:30 Znernicus
AdamAK PC 1:04:43 0:21:17 Adam_ak
The Blaze JP PC 1:00:49 0:33:11 TheBlazeJp
Graviton, ciyon, Derek Clark Nintendo 64 0:32:40 0:09:20 Graviton29, Ciyon, imperfectclark
LivelyRaccoon, Footbigmike, Tomtron Nintendo 64 0:27:31 0:07:29 Trogdor0102, furbelow Livelyraccoon, footbigmike, Tomtron93
ChrisLBC Playstation 2 1:31:20 0:13:40 120% Nitrofski, SSBMstuff, CaneOfPacci Snowderdash Skylanders Figure (Employee Edition) SuperiorWarbringer
Roach788 PAL Playstation 2 0:45:10 0:08:50 any% no game over abuse SSBMStuff, ChrisLBC, Nitrofski Roach788
Nitrofski Playstation 2 1:18:04 0:11:56 Nitrofski
Werster Gamecube (Game Boy Adapter) 0:21:42 0:10:18 bid war between games with a donation incentive for a glitched Pokemon Green run after Acrylic Pokemon Charms; Squirtle Plushie Werster, Shenanagans_
Miles Gamecube version (played on Wii) 1:48:52 0:27:08 Samus Emblem Patch start MilesSMB
samthedigital Gamecube (Game Boy Adapter) 0:47:09 0:09:51 any% hard Emptyeye, Dragondarch Samus Emblem Patch end samthedigital
Atroz Gamecube (Game Boy Adapter) 2:02:20 0:08:40 Link Cross Stitch; Triforce Pillow; Link and Bunny Perlers; Triforce Pint Glass start Atroz5
Andy SNES 1:17:53 0:01:07 All Dungeons no EG Helmasaur, Ganon, Zelda, and Link Perlers Andy
Majinphil Wii virtual console 1:35:22 0:24:38 Donation incentive for 2 players 1 controller Majora's Mask Painting; Link Hat and Scarf Set; Link Cross Stitch; Triforce Pillow; Link and Bunny Perlers; Triforce Pint Glass end MajinPhil
checkers SNES 2:52:48 0:15:12 Geno and Dodo Plushies Checkers
Saturday, January 10, 2015
averagetrey Gamecube 3:24:44 0:30:16 Gragle_Dump, HiddenPower13, 360Chrism Classic Mario/Luigi Cross Stitch AverageTrey
Tehrizzle, Bizkit047, Bl00dybizkitz, SpikeVegeta PS2 or PS3 3:47:16 0:56:44 Kingdom Key Replica
halfcoordinated PS3 1:46:02 0:14:58 One handed run; incentive to keep soda on the same hand at all times Vulajin, Lazerlong GuyBB, Soda DesignbyHumans Art Print (2); LED LIT Desktop Stands start halfcoordinated
cramer PS3 0:09:43 0:32:17 Jetstream Sam DLC: Revengeance difficulty Cramer_
various N64 0:23:45 0:09:15 4-way race GoldenJimbo007, RWhiteGoose
Big Bossman N64 0:31:01 0:13:59 Agent run. Donations for all levels RWhiteGoose, WodahsR TheBigBossman007
Monopoli and Ruudyt Xbox 360 1:22:58 0:16:02 co-op DesignbyHumans Art Print (2); LED LIT Desktop Stands end MisterMonopoli, RuudyT
Oginam PC 1:04:33 0:57:27 Donation incentive for any% by Noobest Dark Souls 2 Prizes (game copies, comics, art books, hat, and lighter) Oginam
puwexil PC 2:57:02 0:10:58 UraniumAnchor, Obdajr, Brossentia Black Mage Pillow; Shera Airship Model; Kefka Perler puwexil
Shenanagans Gameboy Color 0:04:39 0:15:21 Glitch%
TASbot SNES 0:08:21 0:15:39
Epic and sweetnumb SNES 1:19:47 0:20:13 100% race Oatsngoats Ridley Plushie; Super Metroid Mounted Print Epicly_Epic, sweetnumb
Runnerguy2489 N64 1:26:56 0:33:00 Runnerguy completes all Child Dungeons blindfolded Runnerguy2489
Sunday, January 11, 2015
ZFG N64 4:45:00 0:00:00 Grand Prize Twitch Pack; AGDQ Banners; SDA/PCF Hats end Zfg1
everyone! cameras 1:00:00 0:00:00 special shoutouts% FrankerZ Our undying love and gratitude

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