Bourg La Run 2016

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Microphone Explications%
GameBoy Reverse Boss Order Hanapoulpe @HanaPoulpe
GameBoy Advance any% Race s18alg vs. Brother Main @s18alg vs. @Brother_Main
PC Geared UVHM (Salvador) Incalex @Incalex_
Saturday, December 03, 2016
PC NG+ Ingame 100% Gaël @gaeldemarseille
PC any% NG+ Extreme Yajijy @Yajijyy
Playstation any% Cladall @Cladall
Megadrive any% Baffan @Baffan
Playstation any% Dylaneka @dynastytueur
PC any% CubiCCL @Cubiccl
Master System any% Lestatvampir @lestatvampir24
Android any% Gyoo @GyooRunsStuff
Un autre PC FilRouge% s18alg @s18alg
PC any% UnderscorePoY @UnderscorePoY
Master System any% Maman @TheGrosseMaman
NES any% Gaël @gaeldemarseille
NES any% Western Ruleset Gaël @gaeldemarseille
PC any% CoasterZz @CoasterZz
Wii U 200cc 48 Tracks MBisonFuté @MBisonFute
PC any% Angelym @Angelym42100
PS3 any% Twispy @TwispyK
PC Genocide Ending KiiroHanabi @kiirohanabi
PC Dark Ending BodyBrest @BodyBrest71
PC any% s18alg @s18alg
PC Any% Millay @MillaySMB
PC WON Toad1750 @Toad1750
Sunday, December 04, 2016
SNES Any% DXSteveX @DXSteveX
PC any% No major Glitches 7eraser7 @7eraser7
Megadrive any% Belookan @beloo_speedrun
GameBoy Color 125% Baffan @Baffan
MSX any% Vandalnabilo @Vandalnabilo
PC Solo Coop PackSciences
PC any% Easy XeoStyle @Mr_Xeo
NES any% Race Cladall vs. LF @Cladall vs @LFisback
NES any% LF @LFisback
PC All Golden Cubes Gyoo @GyooRunsStuff
PC Any% No Gravi Skip Shigan @ryugunoshigan
PC any% Insane Yajijy @Yajijyy
PC Superplay mode standard Musty @mustywa
PC Showcase superplay GHX
Arcade Superplay Qlex @QlexTENDER
PC Race 4 characters Shigan vs. Khushas @ryugunoshigan vs. @Khushas
GameBoy Advance Any% no intro Legrandgrand @legrandrunner
Microphone (le retour) All Endings

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