Bourg La Run 2017

Bourg la Run est un marathon français de speedrun qui soulève des fonds au profit de l'AFM-Téléthon, association française pour la recherche contre les myopathie et les maladies rares. Du 8 au 10 Décembre, une quarantaine de speedrunners se relaieront afin de finir un maximum de jeux le plus vite possible. Soutenez-les en faisant un don sur et participez aux incentives !

Bourg la Run is a french onsite speedrunning marathon gathering funds for the AFM-Telethon, french association that does research against rare diseases and muscular dystrophy. From December 8th to December 10th, around 40 runners will relay to beat a maximum of games as fast as possible. Support them by donating at and don't hesitate to donate towards our incentives!

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No Damage, No Gadget Biiwix Bonus Run : True Any%
All Shortcuts + Olmec (Race) Vlad vs Berumondo
Any% P-why
Any% Xeostyle vs S6kana Bid War : Any% vs Any% Single Segment
Any% Twyn Music Levels : one more every 200€
Any% Brother Main Bonus Run : Tower of Ascension
Any% Ukampa Berumondo
All Red Balloons Gaël Bid War : 99 Luftballon vs Game Radio
Saturday, December 09, 2017
ACE Showcase Gaël Bonus run
Any% Eryment Morrigan's Romance
Any% Twispy
100% Zigouigoui
Any% Muri
Any% Normal 1 Player 2 Controllers Hanapoulpe Bid War : Good Ending vs Bad Ending
Any% Musty Bid War : Save Name (3 chars)
Any% MrGanondorf Bid War : Save or Kill the baby turtles
Any% Episode 1 Glitched (Race) Gyoo vs Belookan
Any% Zipless 7eraser7
Subspace Emissary MBisonFute Bid War : File Name (5 chars)
Any% Vruche
Any% (Race) Janthe vs Daikena Beat Death + Frankenstein without Holy Water
Any% Richter Vruche
[A]ny% Gutsia Bonus Boss : CEO
Superplay Bumpinho Split/Drunk mods
Superplay Toad1750
100% (Race) S18alg vs Brother Main vs Axodo
Any% to Boss Rush Millay
Any% Biiwix
NG+ (Race) Toad1750 vs Alaedar
Sonic - Any% (12 Hours Challenge) Maman
Sunday, December 10, 2017
Any% RetroMadnessZone Easter Egg + Hover Sonic Glitch showcase
Sonic - Any% Maman
Green Hill - Blindfolded Maman Bonus run
Any% IGT Zigouigoui
Any% Alaedar
Any% Normal Dylaneka Serious Difficulty
Any% DXSteveX
Any% Ectoplasmus
Inbounds Biiwix Twitch% run
Any% Hawkrex
Any% 7eraser7
All Boss Tokens (Race) Ayaash vs Axodo Bonus : Any% Race
Any% Linkboss
Any% Vandal
14 Talismans Asukero Bid War : Spyro's color
Any% Normal Kimerafusion Bid War : English vs Japanese
Any% Qlex 100% run
Any% Yajijy
All Sigils Toad1750
Tournoi Qlex, CoasterZ & cie Bid War : Cars Skins
Any% UnderscorePoY Bid Wars : Starter name + Flyer name + Tentacruel name

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