Bourg La Run 2018


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HoraireTemps estiméPlateformeCatégorieRunner
Microphone Blabla% Le French Restream
PC Any% Glitched Makeal
PC Any% Normal Veteran No OoB Daikena
PC No OoB Items Judgy
GBA Any% Legrandgrand
PC Any% Prospère
NES Any% Asharfh
Saturday, December 08, 2018
PC 101% Normal Moa
SNES Any% TheAngrayVegan
PC Any% TMCBubbles
Megadrive (Emu) Scenario Mode (Normal) Mohoc
Master System (Emu) Any% BigOrNoob
NES (Emu) Any% 2 Players Zeatyr, Axodo
PC Pirate Mode Any% (No OoB) Aelenwa
PC Any% Alaedar
PC Any% Inbounds Brother_Main
SNES Any% Oxydoreduction
Master System (Emu) Beat The Game Chachamaxx
SNES Any% (Easy) Contos
SNES (Emu) Any% Hard Itsme_Baruch
PC Any% Gyoo
PC Dark Ending SilverSnake83
PS Any% No Wrong Warp LaChanceuse100
PC Any% No Major Glitches (Race) Muri, Maman_
X360 Novice Ultra Aldherrian
Arcade Any% - S9 Ezan1, Nehalem501, Colintele, Qlex
Arcade Master + Death Ezan1, Nehalem501, Colintele, Qlex
Arcade Master + Shirase Ezan1, Nehalem501, Colintele, Qlex
PC Superplay 4k Mania Bumpinho
NES (Emu) Any% No Donatello LF712
GB Any% No WW/OoB (Race) Sagaz_14, aullos, Noadkajoo, SeseySR
PC Specter of Torment Low% ExploudYourEar
PS4 Selfish (Race) Platypus_Funk, Angelym
PC Any% (Current Patch) Millay
SNES 100% DXSteveX, Moa
PC Any% Ai-Dail
PC Ending A Lunatix
Sunday, December 09, 2018
PC UV-SPEED Episodes 1-3 S6kana
PC Any% (Current Patch) Yuma
PC Any% RetroMadnessZone
X360 Any% Normal Cormag
GBA Any% (Normal) Mohoc
PC All Worlds (Race) Faraziel, Lyliya
PS Any% Asukero
NES (Emu) Any% Khushas
SNES (Emu) Any% No WW Superplayer02
NES Any% No Up+A (Race) Janthe, Panulphe
PC Any% 7eraser7
PC Any% Chfou
PSP Any% Gaëldemarseille
Master System Any% Synahel
PC All Victory MarshallObob
PC Any% Gamonymous, Ya-GG
PC Any% Medium Vlad2800
PC Scripted w/SW Nan0theoyster
PC Any% No Wrong Warp Zigouigoui, Vlad2800
PC Any% Zipless 7eraser7
PC Any% Biiwix
Switch Any% Dromasylvia
N64 Medallions, Stones, Trials Marco8641, Amateseru
Microphone Au revoir. Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

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