Atlanta 2018


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Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
Friday, November 16, 2018
Any% No Airwalk PS4 TwanM4n
Any% N64 Midnight_Vesper
Neutral Ending (Easy/Easy) PC Rin/TheDapprFox
Dragon% PSX (Emu) XombiePunkTV
Any% Wii VC Fullaire
100% SNES ElectronicLogic
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
100% Wii HDlax
Glitch% Wii HDlax
Any% PC alexh0we
Scripted% PC Centaur1um
Any% PC alexh0we
Jill New Game Any% PS4 DaggerVII
Saturday, November 17, 2018
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
Any% Xbox culinwino3000
Any% Warpless PSX Kingkc
Any% N64 Phantessma
Any% PSP Raeanus
NG+ Wii RubberDuckyAssassin
Any% PC DanGodofThunder
Neutral (No Chaos Control Glitch) GCN Azurillkirby
Low% Ice SNES Kipp
Dante NG Normal PC PvtCb
Any% PS4 LovebugTheFerg
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
Sunday, November 18, 2018
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon
Any% Normal PC LaurieDBunnykins
Any% PC Quatropus
Twitch% PC ConnorAce
Any% w/ Lag PC Jovine
Any% N64 Chimichunga
Any% SNES Shokushu
Any% No Up+A NES Greenmario
100% Reverse Boss Order GB (Emu) MyOhMyke
Any% 3DS TheLegendofZaheer
Stream% Twitch noresetmarathon

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